April 29, 2013

Cara Box Reveal - April

Hey guys!

It's time for my Cara Box reveal! The April Cara Box theme was "going green". It was actually wayyyy harder than I thought to think of things that fit this theme! I guess I'm not "green" at all!

Kristin from CELEBRATE THE GOODNESS sent me my Cara Box and here is all the cool stuff I received!

Recycled paper notebook & "branch pencils" with inspirational messages on them like "relax" and "happy".  These pencils are too cute!! 

BPA-free re-usable insulated cup & reusable sandwich bags.  The cup has already made its way to my desk at work!

Galvanized metal bucket and 2 grow kits.  I love the LUCKY clover kit!  How appropriate for me!  Hope my black thumb doesn't kill them!  And I can think of a million things to do with a nice bucket!

Earrings & necklace made by Kristin.  Perfect additions to my jewelry collections!

Thank you so much Kristin! I absolutely love my stuff!

I sent a Cara Box to Casey from ASLAN'S AUSPICIOUS ALBANY ADVENTURES.  Check out her blog this week to see what I sent her! (she should finally get her box today!)

If you would like to participate in Cara Box and get the opportunity to meet some fabulous ladies as well as snag some cool stuff, visit Kaitlin at WIFESSIONALS.  Mostly bloggers participate in this monthly encouragement box exchange, but non-bloggers may also participate.

Weekend Shenanigans: GNO

One of my good friends got a new job and we no longer work together (boo), so we needed to get together. Heather came down to Alabama from Nashville and we went out to some places that she hadn't been for some shopping. What's a girl's night out without shopping?!

I didn't become "girlie" until after my divorce when I started getting back out in the dating scene again and seeing all these girls wearing cute accessories and shoes.  And now I'm obsessed. But I'm cheap. I definitely do not have designer or expensive tastes.  I get what I like and it's usually on clearance.

One of my favorite stores ever is Charming Charlie. If you've never been to one, look for one! It's a big store full of accessories: jewelry, purses, some clothing, shoes - and the store is divided by color. Heather had never been, so it was a must.

April 27, 2013

It's all in the delivery

So here lately I've had some interesting run-ins with the local delivery systems of nowhere, Alabama.

Let's start off by asking the question of why the post office of nowhere, Alabama closes at 3:45pm? Not 3pm. Not 4pm. Not even 3:30pm. But the sign on the door literally says 3:45pm. When I first moved here and got to the post office one day at 4pm, I just thought that was the strangest thing ever.

Even stranger - my rural mail carrier's delivery habits. Apparently out in the country, you're expected to come get your own mail if the package doesn't fit in your mailbox or if you must sign for it. And I don't mean at the post office. My mail carrier pulls up in my driveway around noon when she has a package for me and lays on her car horn

honnnnnnkkkk, honk, honk, honk

Well yup, that woke up the welcoming committee, appreciate that. Being the classy lady I am, I don't respond to car horns. That's like a someone whistling at me like you would a dog and expecting me to come a-running. No thank you! So I continue to lay snuggled up in my bed cringing through all the dogs barking and howling. So she lays on the car horn again.

honnnnnnnnkkkk, honk, honk

Nope, still not getting up (does that make me lazy, stubborn or both?) So she eventually gets out of the car and leaves my package (and mail) on my porch steps (practically on my sidewalk). Just put everything in plain view of the busy road, no worries. 

Which leads me to the next incident. Awhile back I got 2 boxes delivered to my house that were not mine. I was running out the house (late, ha! go figure) on my way to a bridal shower one Saturday and was like, whoa, I didn't order anything. I checked the shipping label and sho nuff, the address was a mere 900 off. What was I supposed to do with it?

I checked with the neighbor just to make sure it wasn't hers (our houses are new and I didn't know what her address was) and nope, not hers either. So I left them by my door & told myself I would try to find their rightful owner the next day.

The next day it was pouring buckets and I wasn't about to try to locate the boxes' rightful owner (hey, if delivery guy couldn't find it, what makes me think I could find it in the pouring rain?) And it just so happened I was running late for work Monday... Tuesday... and Wednesday and didn't get the chance to find the right house or take it to the post office (before 3:45pm).

Wednesday night I came home and one of the boxes was missing! Oh shit! Someone had janked (yes, that's a real word) one of the boxes straight off my front porch! I felt absolutely horrible. I guess I should've brought the boxes inside, but it didn't feel right since they weren't mine, and what if the company had come back for them (they could've done that, right?) I thought people only got packages stolen around Christmas. Or in the city. Or just not me.

So I brought the other box inside. Holy cow. Well this is why they didn't steal them both, that sucker weighed a zillion pounds! I got it right inside my front door & all I could smell was the awful stench of male cat. Great.

So now what? I could try to deliver the box to the right house, but now I'm missing one. I doubt they could get their missing stuff reshipped that way (pr they would believe my crazy story).  I could call UPS (was it even UPS that delivered it?) and tell them I swear I didn't steal the other box and here is the second box to prove it even though it was delivered nearly a week ago? (you would totally believe that, right?) I guess it was worth a shot.  I will call them in the morning (since I work nights, I brought the cat-stank-box inside at 2am)

I get ready for work and head through my living room and see this:

Fan-freakin-tastic. Now cat-stank-box has been chewed into on both sides by one of the dogs (you would think I don't feed these mutts). There is cardboard all over my floor. You can actually see straight into the box, but I am so horrified I don't even look.

I'm pretty sure I don't even have an explanation anymore for a week old shipment with one box missing and one box chewed up.

Has anyone else received a package meant for someone else?  What did you do with it? 

Bad Habits Die Hard (or should just die)

I can't believe I'm about to share this story with you, but if I am anything, I'm honest!

If you've read anything about me, you probably know by now that I'm always late. I believe it's a mixture of procrastination and always feeling crappy. Well this bad habit has also overflowed into my financial habits. I'm not proud of it.

I'm really bad about getting my mail from my mailbox, but never opening it. I think partly because half the time I DON'T have the money to pay the bills (I get a zillion medical bills. It's very depressing) and when I do have the money, I have a ton of other things I would rather do than pay bills. I'm sure this stems from my previous marriage when I was always the one that had to pay all the bills and keep the account straight and it can be utterly exhausting.

So enter divorce life. I have less than half the income I had grown accustomed to and I finally have freedom, but I'm all on my own and I have to do EVERYTHING all by myself -  dishes, laundry, trash, cleaning, bills, taking care of the dogs, grocery shopping, etc, etc, etc.  It's absolutely exhausting!!

April 23, 2013

My First Link-Up: Weekend Shenanigans

In blogging land, bloggers host these things called link-ups. A blogger hosts a link-up with a theme and other bloggers write using that theme and "link" back to the host blogger. So today I'm going to give it a try!
This is what my weekend consisted of:

Saturday night was a date night with me and the boyfriend. B and I finally got a reservation at a restaurant that we had been wanting to try for awhile: Connor's Steak & Seafood. It was amazing! The weather was chilly so I got to wear my fave sweater dress.

April 22, 2013

Medical Madness Monday - Congrats to me!

 Posting on Mondays about different types of Medical Madness

So have you heard the good news?! I got "unofficially" accepted to the master's pathologists' assistant program at Indiana University in Indianapolis!

Lemme break this down for you a little bit. There are only EIGHT PA (pathologists' assistant... not physician assistant) programs in the US. Indiana had 66 applicants for 4 positions. I was the 5th person they interviewed (because I'm always late, I was a late applicant as well). So being accepted to this program is a HUGE accomplishment!

Some of you that know me pretty well may be a little shocked that you're not reading about veterinary school. I've always wanted to continue my studies because I thought I had a lot more to offer past my bachelor's degree. But since all of my medical issues, I've wanted different things in life. I've wanted stability and want a career that will allow me to have a family as well as take care of myself. I know I could've eventually done that as a veterinarian, but I was looking to 5 more years of school with a huge financial burden. Last semester, I barely made it through my classes with working and dealing with my health. I knew I had to do what was best for my health first & foremost - otherwise I wouldn't even be around to do all the other things I want to do.

So I applied to PA school.

Why PA school? Well, I have worked in pathology for the last five years. The field is very interesting, it is stable, and it is something I enjoy. My experience inevitably helped my ability to get accepted to such a small program and will undoubtedly help me with my education at Indiana.

I currently am a supervisor over a staff that accessions and dissects surgical specimens for review by pathologists to achieve a diagnosis.  We receive all types of specimens - anything you would have removed at a doctor's office or removed during surgery. My staff dissects and submits the smaller specimens such as skin shaves, endoscopy & colonscopy biopsies, gallbladders, and appendices.

As a PA, I would be able to dissect more complex specimens like breast and colon cancers. At Indiana I will also learn to assist with diagnoses during surgeries (I will get to scrub in & everything!) and also learn to do autopsies.

The PA program is a strenuous 2-year program that will start in August and I will graduate with a master's in July 2015. Of course, I cannot commute to Indiana or learn to complete autopsies online, so I will be moving to Indianapolis in August - eeeeeeeeek!!

All support is appreciated (as well as any help getting B a job in Indianapolis so he can join me sooner than later!)

April 19, 2013

Wanted: Cleaning Fairy

It seems that between 4 dogs, working 40+ hours (plus commuting) a week, and never feeling too hot, that my house is always a disaster. I tell myself that I should do one chore each night so that I don't get overwhelmed. But all the time sometimes I'm just dang tired and wanna sit in bed and watch my DVR and eat double chocolate fudge ice cream low-fat frozen yogurt, ya kno?

So I'm on the search for a cleaning fairy.

She has to be able to deal with multiple four-legged furkids. This might not sound like that big of a deal, but they must be present in whatever room you are trying to clean. They must also stand IN the dirt you're trying to sweep up. And of course, they are the ones that caused the disaster in the first place. Exhibit A:

She also has to do a great job with large quantities of dirty dishes. This is seriously my least favorite chore. And even though I have a dishwasher (now that I've had one, I won't go back!!), I always have a sinkful of dishes. I always swore to myself I would put my dirty dishes in the dishwasher, but that only works if you put the clean dishes up... so see Exhibit B:

My worst habits? I won't do the dishes until I have used the last mixing bowl for cereal (hey, its a bowl too!) and I usually don't consume leftovers, so leftovers stay in tupperware in my fridge for years weeks. Yuck. (Hey, better than growing mold in the sink amiright?)

I'm also allergic to dust, so I need a cleaning fairy with good dusting skills. Okay I'm lying. I am allergic to dust mites, but the cleaning fairy needs to dust because I just don't. And I refuse to show you the layer of dust on my ceiling fans. Or the back of my TV. I mean, how does that stuff even get there?

And of course, what would a cleaning fairy be without doing laundry? As previously stated in Five Lists of 5, I LOVE undies! Its just a perk that having tons of cute undies means less laundry. Except the problem all women have of never having anything to wear (when the walk-in closet is overflowing, I've run out of hangers, and B has never seen me wear half the items in said walk-in closet). Exhibit C:

Bonus points for a cleaning fairy that cleans baseboards, doggie nose prints off the windows, takes out the trash, and changes the air filter (I always forget to do that!)

Oh, and did I mention I needed this cleaning fairy to do all these tasks gratis? Like for free yo. This chick don't have money for no maid!

Spread the word peeps.

April 18, 2013

Wedding day!

So wedding day  for one of my besties has come & gone (thank goodness!! Love her to death, but I'm exhausted!) but it definitely started off rough... for me. But of course like a true bridesmaid, I never let the bride know!

When my alarm went off, I did have a brief moment where I just wanted to call in sick. I was sooo tired. I had stayed up wayyy too late ironing my bridesmaid dress. I mean, the least David's Bridal can do is slap some steam on that bad boy when they pull it out of the box, ya know?

But of course, I made myself crawl out of bed and I jumped into the shower. Got out, brushed my teeth, then put my contacts in. I was on my second contact when it popped out and was on my cheek. Ugh, stupid dry eye.

Try again. But it popped out again.

And I couldn't find it.

At first  I wasn't freaking out,  but after looking all in the toothpaste-draining sink (oh crap! Lemme close the drain! What if it already went down the  drain?!)

April 15, 2013

Medical Madness Monday - a pituitary tumor + 5 year old

 Posting on Mondays about different types of Medical Madness

Hello everyone! It's another Monday & I've survived another (very) eventful weekend. Besides being extremely sore & fatigued and some stomach problems today, I'm doing just fine!

Today I wanted to share about Bobby's nephew's surgery. He had a pituitary tumor and had surgery last Thursday. They were able to get all the tumor they wanted to get & luckily the tumor was benign. His nephew is recovering as expected  after a complicated brain surgery.

His tumor took over his entire pituitary gland, was wrapped around his optic nerve, and part of his hypothalamus. Pituitary tumors are normally removed nasally, but due to his age (he is 5), they could not go this route but had to make an incision in his skull.

The pituitary gland is responsible for a lot of important endocrine functions including hormones that are essential in growth, body temperature regulation, blood pressure, pain relief, thyroid gland regulation, lactation, and water regulation.

Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery for his nephew and for his entire family that is dealing with this medical madness for the support they need during this time. They are the sweetest people and his nephew is just awesome!

Five of 5

This month I was able to sign up to do a Cara Box hosted by Wifessionals (think Birchbox). When you sign up to do a Cara Box, you get assigned another blogger and you send them a themed box  of goodies that you believe they will enjoy based on what you read about them on her blog/twitter/pinterest.  You also exchange emails & get to know each other. Someone is also assigned your name so you get a box of goodies too!

The theme for April is "going green". I get to send a Cara Box to CASEY who just moved from Texas to New York with her husband. She blogs at Aslan's Auspicious Albany Adventure. She's a nurse that blogs about a little bit of everything. We've already hit it off & I'm already starting my shopping for her Cara Box and its been fun! (I mean, who doesn't love shopping?!)

Then there is KRISTIN that blogs over at Celebrate the Goodness. She blogs about celebrating the things that bring goodness to her life such as her faith, recipes, and photography.

April 11, 2013

Deep thoughts

So I had a long drive to my interview (4 hours each way) in a part of the country I had never been before, so I had some time for some deep thoughts. I thought I would be kind enough to share them with you (you can thank me later!)

-why does  the whole entire state of Kentucky smell like cow poop? Shew-ee! I had to roll my windows back up

-why are rest areas so scary at 3am? It doesn't matter how non-scared I pretended to be, I still had a scene from a horror scene flash across my mind while I was peeing.

-why does Kentucky have an Australian petting zoo? It's called "Kentucky Down Under". At first I was intrigued, so I googled it. Then I found out it was pretty much a petting zoo with some kangaroos. If you like that sorta thing...

-are there any liquor distilleries NOT in Tennessee & Kentucky? Jack Daniel's and Dickel are in Tennessee with Maker's Mark, Heaven Hills, and Jim Beam in Kentucky - all along Interstate 65.

-is there anyone out there  that doesn't like jamming "Regulators" and trying to rap all the words? Absolute classic.  RIP Nate Dogg. Mount up!

-isn't it bad enough to drive somewhere unfamiliar? Even worse to drive somewhere unfamiliar at night when you can't see shit?  How about during a friggin' thunderstorm with the wind blowing your poor little hybrid all over the interstate and where you have to white knuckle grip your steering wheel and strain your eyes to see the white lines through the torrential downpour... isn't that the worst?

-why does satellite radio cost $13/month? Why does it cost  anything at all? They give you 3 free months with your new car and  make you love all the stations and have them programmed into your radio then BAM! One day you're back to listening to regular radio again. Blasphemy!

-why do we have time zones? I planned my trip for my interview and never even considered that it was a different TIME ZONE!  My phone was telling me it was  going to take 4  hours to get there and my gps was saying 5 hours, so I knew something was going on. So I lost an hour of sleep, boo hiss.

That is all the deep thinking my brain can handle for now. What do you think about on road trips?

The day is here!

Today is the big day! In 8 short hours, I will be embarking on a possible life-changing endeavor.

My first grad school interview.

Granted, it doesn't mean anything... yet. But doing well on this interview could put everything in motion to get accepted into this particular graduate program.

It's my top choice school. It's perfect timing. It's what I want!!

Good thing I wasn't going to be able to sleep tonight, because I definitely didn't figure in a time zone change & my four hour drive just turned to five! Ackkk!

Wish me luck!!

April 9, 2013

BIG week!

This week is a whopper. Glad I'm finally feeling a little better & ready to deal with it.

Wednesday - Bobby's nephew is having brain surgery to have a pituitary tumor removed. I'm sure he's going to be just fine, but it's a serious tumor and a long surgery and we will be in Alabama while they are in Cincy. And he's only 5. So please pray for him!

Thursday - my big day. I haven't told many people what's going on this day because I don't want to jinx it and I don't want to face everyone if I fail. But I have an interview for grad school and if things go well, it could change our lives! I'm anxious and nervous and I need all the good karma I can get, k?

Friday - decorating & rehearsal dinner for the big wedding on Saturday! Kinda glad all this wedding planning is coming to an end (haha, don't kill me bridezilla!)

Saturday - my bestie is getting married & getting her happily ever after. I'm so happy for her! It's an outside wedding so hoping for beautiful weather & everything goes just as she planned so she has a perfect day! I'm glad I get to be a part of her special day

So you see, I gots a busy & important week ahead! So feel free to send me some thoughts, prayers, and good karma my way!

April 8, 2013

Medical Madness Monday

Posting on Mondays about different types of Medical Madness

I had a great Saturday with family enjoying the beautiful weather. But boy, have I paid for it!

I didn't apply adequate sunblock and have gotten my first sunburn of the year. Minor, but apparently has sucked all life from me.

Sunday I could barely move. I rested all day. Went to eat with the boyfriend. Got some DQ (finally! I've been craving a  blizzard packed full of chocolate forever!). And didn't even make it through one episode of Bar Rescue when I passed back out.

It's days like these when I know Bobby loves me. He takes care of me. He will sit by my side & just watch me sleep if that's what I need. What a great guy! I'm so glad I get to keep him forever!

When I woke up to get ready for work, I definitely wasn't feeling much better. Feverish + upset stomach (I will spare you the gorey details). My theory is that this lovely stomach ulcer didn't like the ice cream I fed it last night (whaaaat? It was delicious!) But ice cream is a big no-no for ulcers, as well as MILK (didn't know that did you?) because calcium actually promotes acid production (didn't know you could get educated reading my blog did you?) So next time you have heartburn, don't drink the milk!

So since I have a humongous week ahead of me, I've decided to take today easy and try to feel better. Rest + fluids for me.

How are you feeling?

April 5, 2013

What's this blog thingy?

So it's been a week since I started my blog, and I've learned so much about the blogging community, yet still have so much more to learn.

There are link-ups and advertising and spotlights, oh my! And it all can lead to making MONEY! (Who doesn't love money?!) Of course, that's not why I started blogging. (But definitely a perk for the future!)

Why did I start blogging?

It's definitely not because I had a lot of free time! I just have a lot to say. I'm always having bad luck and having things go wrong to the point where it's just humorous. I've wanted to write a book for awhile (but that thing called time always messes things up!). I love sharing these stories, my Pinterest fails, and even giving advice. So I thought I could start blogging. Maybe I could be like Jen Lancaster, one of my favorite writers.

I also think blogging is a great way to update everyone on what's really going on in my head life. There's only so much you can  post in a Facebook status! And I believe blogging is a good way to share about my medical "condition" and to help spread the word & educate about invisible illnesses. 

And lastly, I think it would be great to meet new people from all over!  Since I moved away from most of my friends 2 years ago (and have less of this elusive thing called time), I feel like I have long-distance friendships. Definitely doesn't help that gas prices are insane! And I guess as I get older (will be celebrating my second 29th birthday in October.  Yes, you read that right), you look for more meaningful relationships & friendships.

What can you do?

Read! Subscribe! Follow! Share!

Read! All I really want is for people like you to read my posts and get enjoyment from them. Tell me what you like & don't like! Comment & share your stories with me!

Subscribe! You can subscribe by email to automatically get an email each time I post. If you use an RSS, you can subscribe & read however you want!

Follow! Become a follower of my blog with your Google+ account. Don't have Google+? Follow me on Twitter or Instagram! I am trying to learn how to understand tweet language and you can enjoy my selfies & doggie pics! All of my contact buttons are on the left hand side of my page and on my "contact me" page.

Share -  If you like what you're reading -  share with your friends and get them to read too!!

If you have a blog, I would love to read it! Comment below with the address!

Until next time...

April 4, 2013

Me & Murphy are BFF

Why is it that if you are running late, it seems like everything goes wrong and you get behind every slow poke? It never fails.

I guess it didn't help that I stayed up wayyyy late giving the ole blog a facelift. Do you like? So when my alarm went off this morning afternoon, I hit snooze for like an hour awhile. I even "snoozed" the boyfriend's phone calls attempting to wake me up (he quickly caught on the this fact. Shame on me)

Jump in the shower. Crap, supposed to see the boyfriend tonight, now I gotta shave my legs dangit. Why can't men appreciate stubble on our legs like we appreciate their 5 o'clock shadow?

April 2, 2013

The Mason Jar Project

One of my best friends is getting married in less than 2 weeks. (Eeeek! I'm so excited for her!)  She is having a rustic country wedding with a lot of DIY projects (bless her heart, what did she get herself into?) Since I'm a new Pinterest addict, I'm loving helping her in my spare time (time? Ha, what's that?)

This week my project is mason jars. I'm attempting to decorate them and give them some color. She has multiple jars with burlap, twine, and lace, but no jars with her wedding color - PINK. 

My first thought was that I could use acrylic paint and do a stained glass effect. I was wanting something she could still see-through so she could use the jars for candles or flowers. I used a sponge brush and painted it, but you could see all the brush strokes.

April 1, 2013

Medical Madness Monday

I currently do not have a diagnosis. But what I feel is definitely real. Each day is a struggle to get out of bed. I never feel well rested, but wake up each morning feeling every stiff joint and each sore muscle. Most days I sleep through my alarm... for over an hour.

Once I finally drag myself out of bed, I do my morning stretches and can hear what seems like every joint in my body pop and crack. Sometimes I just cry in the shower because it hurts so badly. The hot water feels soothing most days, but I have problems breathing and am dizzy by the end of  the shower. Damn steam. But most likely caused by the fact that I'm running a low-grade fever that day.

I drench myself in lotion because I want to claw my dry skin off half the time. My hands are splitting at the base of my fingers and my skin burns each time I wash my hands.

I have to take a break and sit down because I'm already exhausted.  Didn't I just wake up?  Crap, now I'm running even later.

When styling my hair up, my arms start burning if my hair won't act right and I keep messing with it. I hardly ever wear heels, not only because Bobby is 5'9" (I'm 5'8". I'm so getting in trouble for this), but because my muscles will cramp the next day like I had a strenuous workout (knowing my fatass hasn't been in a gym in years!)

I commute an hour to work and will inevitably fight sleep the whole way there. Didn't I just get 8 hours of sleep? Isn't it the middle of the day? I may have to pull over and take a quick power nap in a parking lot so I don't fall asleep at the wheel. I know all the tricks to staying awake and rolling the window down isn't one of them.

And depending what mood my intestinal track is in, I may get punished all day for something I ate yesterday. Think IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) with bloating, pain diarrhea, or constipation with bouts of nausea and vomiting. It's lovely.

I work, come home, and depending on how much energy I have left (did I have any to begin with?), I try to complete as least one chore a night. Otherwise, my house will become a complete disaster in a few days. If I do too much in one night, I pay for it the next day with sore muscles and extra fatigue.

Rinse. Repeat.

I take five prescriptions to help with my symptoms, but no official diagnosis yet.  It's so frustrating not knowing what's going on with me.  Sometimes I feel like no one takes me seriously because I don't have an answer to give them as to why I'm not feeling well or don't want to do anything. 

Apparently it can take years for an autoimmune disease to show up in bloodwork. My rheumatologist monitors my condition and treats my symptoms. Right now my "condition" resembles fibromyalgia more than anything.

Fibromyalgia - a common chronic musculoskeletal condition characterized by widespread pain and tenderness in the muscles and joints. Other symptoms include:
-Chronic fatigue
-Morning stiffness
-Tingling or numbness in hands and feet
-Headaches, including migraines
-Irritable bowel syndrome
-Sleep disturbances
-Cognitive problems with thinking and memory (sometimes called "fibro fog")

Fibromyalgia affects 5 million Americans with 80-90% being women.

To learn more about fibromyalgia, please click HERE

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