April 15, 2013

Five of 5

This month I was able to sign up to do a Cara Box hosted by Wifessionals (think Birchbox). When you sign up to do a Cara Box, you get assigned another blogger and you send them a themed box  of goodies that you believe they will enjoy based on what you read about them on her blog/twitter/pinterest.  You also exchange emails & get to know each other. Someone is also assigned your name so you get a box of goodies too!

The theme for April is "going green". I get to send a Cara Box to CASEY who just moved from Texas to New York with her husband. She blogs at Aslan's Auspicious Albany Adventure. She's a nurse that blogs about a little bit of everything. We've already hit it off & I'm already starting my shopping for her Cara Box and its been fun! (I mean, who doesn't love shopping?!)

Then there is KRISTIN that blogs over at Celebrate the Goodness. She blogs about celebrating the things that bring goodness to her life such as her faith, recipes, and photography.

Kristin will be sending me a Cara Box this month, and to help her get to know me better, I want to introduce my first Five Lists of Five!

Five Things I Can't Live Without
1. Dogs - I will always have at least one dog in my home. And a rescued one at that!
2. Sweets - will eat anything sweet unless it has coconut or almonds (almond joy, blech) ice cream, candy, cake, anything!
3. Lip gloss - Necessity.
4. My DVR - I work nights, so how else would I record Vampire Diaries & Grey's Anatomy?
5. My Bobby - aww!

Five Things I Can Never Have Too Much Of
1.  Sweets - you seriously just don't understand
2.  Panties - I love new undies! Victoria's Secret medium in case you wanna get me a present! I won't think its weird, promise!
3.  Totes & boxes - I am always finding new uses for them
4. Jewelry - especially big stretchy rings, but I've gained a new affinty for necklaces recently
5. Picture frames - I love taking pictures so naturally I love frames for the pics that are "totally framable"

Five Places I Want To Visit
1. Italy - omg my passport is burning a hole in my pocket!
2. Charleston, SC
3. NYC
4. Lake Tahoe - in the winter AND the summer!
5. Fiji

Five Things I Dislike
1. Most vegetables - like brocolli, cauliflower, bell peppers, mushrooms, yuck!
2. Coffee -  even with sugar & cream its still gross
3. Liars - I am too trusting at times, so hate when someone lies to me & takes advantage of that
4. Odd numbers - 5 is okay though! Yeah I know, I'm weird
5. Roach bugs - I'm terrified of them!!

Five Things I Wish
1. That I liked coffee... or wine - there are so many cute  accessories for coffee & wine drinkers!
2. That I could do lots of cute, easy styles with my hair - I have long hair that I never do anything with. Like literally I wear it to work still wet!
3. That I could get some new tattoos... like yesterday - I have 4 tatts now but would get so many more if I knew where I was working the rest of my life!
4. That I had more time to paint - I find it so peaceful
5. That more people understood about spay/neuter & rescuing dogs instead of buying & breeding

Thanks guys for reading!

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