April 8, 2013

Medical Madness Monday

Posting on Mondays about different types of Medical Madness

I had a great Saturday with family enjoying the beautiful weather. But boy, have I paid for it!

I didn't apply adequate sunblock and have gotten my first sunburn of the year. Minor, but apparently has sucked all life from me.

Sunday I could barely move. I rested all day. Went to eat with the boyfriend. Got some DQ (finally! I've been craving a  blizzard packed full of chocolate forever!). And didn't even make it through one episode of Bar Rescue when I passed back out.

It's days like these when I know Bobby loves me. He takes care of me. He will sit by my side & just watch me sleep if that's what I need. What a great guy! I'm so glad I get to keep him forever!

When I woke up to get ready for work, I definitely wasn't feeling much better. Feverish + upset stomach (I will spare you the gorey details). My theory is that this lovely stomach ulcer didn't like the ice cream I fed it last night (whaaaat? It was delicious!) But ice cream is a big no-no for ulcers, as well as MILK (didn't know that did you?) because calcium actually promotes acid production (didn't know you could get educated reading my blog did you?) So next time you have heartburn, don't drink the milk!

So since I have a humongous week ahead of me, I've decided to take today easy and try to feel better. Rest + fluids for me.

How are you feeling?

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