April 22, 2013

Medical Madness Monday - Congrats to me!

 Posting on Mondays about different types of Medical Madness

So have you heard the good news?! I got "unofficially" accepted to the master's pathologists' assistant program at Indiana University in Indianapolis!

Lemme break this down for you a little bit. There are only EIGHT PA (pathologists' assistant... not physician assistant) programs in the US. Indiana had 66 applicants for 4 positions. I was the 5th person they interviewed (because I'm always late, I was a late applicant as well). So being accepted to this program is a HUGE accomplishment!

Some of you that know me pretty well may be a little shocked that you're not reading about veterinary school. I've always wanted to continue my studies because I thought I had a lot more to offer past my bachelor's degree. But since all of my medical issues, I've wanted different things in life. I've wanted stability and want a career that will allow me to have a family as well as take care of myself. I know I could've eventually done that as a veterinarian, but I was looking to 5 more years of school with a huge financial burden. Last semester, I barely made it through my classes with working and dealing with my health. I knew I had to do what was best for my health first & foremost - otherwise I wouldn't even be around to do all the other things I want to do.

So I applied to PA school.

Why PA school? Well, I have worked in pathology for the last five years. The field is very interesting, it is stable, and it is something I enjoy. My experience inevitably helped my ability to get accepted to such a small program and will undoubtedly help me with my education at Indiana.

I currently am a supervisor over a staff that accessions and dissects surgical specimens for review by pathologists to achieve a diagnosis.  We receive all types of specimens - anything you would have removed at a doctor's office or removed during surgery. My staff dissects and submits the smaller specimens such as skin shaves, endoscopy & colonscopy biopsies, gallbladders, and appendices.

As a PA, I would be able to dissect more complex specimens like breast and colon cancers. At Indiana I will also learn to assist with diagnoses during surgeries (I will get to scrub in & everything!) and also learn to do autopsies.

The PA program is a strenuous 2-year program that will start in August and I will graduate with a master's in July 2015. Of course, I cannot commute to Indiana or learn to complete autopsies online, so I will be moving to Indianapolis in August - eeeeeeeeek!!

All support is appreciated (as well as any help getting B a job in Indianapolis so he can join me sooner than later!)

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