May 6, 2013

3 Sonic milkshakes too many?

Including trying a different Sonic shake each day (chocolate covered banana on Friday, peanut butter banana on Saturday, and oreo cheesecake on Sunday... don't  judge me), I would say we had an eventful weekend!

Saturday (May the Fourth be with you) we had a date night. We keep a list of restaurants we want to try, so we knocked off another restaurant on the list and went to Landry's Seafood.

After Landry's, we went to 3 (yes, 3) RedBox kiosks to find Silver Lining Playlists. I've been wanting to see it since it came out in theaters & it had awesome reviews. I told B he should've just reserved it before dinner, but noooo... don't listen to me (the woman is always right)

Using RedBox codes, I spent $0.74 renting 2 DVDs and since we went to Sonic after 8pm, our shake was half-priced ($1.75)!  Score!

When we got home, we tackled the dryer that made the smoke detector go off on Friday.

I wouldn't recommend taking apart a dryer anytime soon. But if you do, YouTube how to do it BEFORE letting your significant other near it with a screwdriver. B did a great job, and we found the main cause of the problem, which just seemed to be an accumulation of lint (dog hair) that was beginning to touch the heating element. Scary!! We cleaned it really well (10 years worth of lint, dust, and dog hair, shew. Yes, I said 10 years! That Frigidaire dryer has been the best!!) and got it back together and it's working fairly well right now!! Yay!! Maybe we have a future as dryer repair people?

Sunday (Cinco de Mayo) we had to go eat Mexican, duh.

We ate cheese dip, B had $1.00 cerveza, we ate entirely too much food, and I got a free souvenier beads! (I love free!)

We finished off the weekend being lazy bums while watching This is 40 and the season finale of Amazing Race.

SPOILER ALERT: the guy we were cheering for - Anthony Battaglia - won the finale! (the one who always took his teeth out, oh hockey) Woohoo! Anthony is a hockey player on our local SPHL hockey team, Huntsville Havoc.

Battaglia brothers - Bates & Anthony

The dogs enjoyed us being home a lot this weekend. Here is Beretta, my foster dog, on her "princess pile" (she made this "bed" herself in the doorway and would sit on top of it and wouldn't let anyone cross in or out of the room)

You can find out more info about  adopting Beretta here!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Today I'm linking up  with Sami's Shenanigan's!


  1. What a great weekend!! love the 2 pics of you love birds! lol
    Stop by some time.

    1. thanks! He hates taking pictures but he will compromise with a kissy pic :) I will come visit!!

  2. Ah the princess pile, I love it!My dog does that with socks sometimes, but I think it's less because he wants a bed and more because he has some attachment issues.
    I just started watching the Amazing Race this season and was sad when my favorites Meghan and Joey were kicked off. The final show we were cheering for the roller derby moms, but were happy that at least it wasn't Max and Katie!
    Found you via the link-up, happy Monday!

    1. I love how dogs have such huge personalities!! And I've never watched the Amazing Race before this season - but when our hometown guy was in it, we just had to! missing teeth and all!! I definitely wasn't cheering for the Alabama guy with a mullet! bad news bears!! thanks for stopping by :)


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