May 12, 2013

Hey Mom, watch this!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!  Scratch that. Happy Mother's Day to all the WOMEN out there! Because whether you have given birth or adopted and have children of your own, I'm sure each one of you is a mother figure to someone.

I especially want to give a shout out to the single moms out there. You are amazing.  I can't even imagine the struggles you  face on a daily basis -  from money, to childcare, to positive  father figures, to dating. Never give up. Those babies are worth it!

And to the doggie moms, like me, you are moms too! How many times have you cleaned up poop, pee, and vomit? (Only if you got to it before someone ate it. Disgusting.) Gotten up in the  middle of the night because someone was crying? (probably you depending on what time it was!) Taught someone right from wrong? (No! Not my favorite heels!!) Spent too much of your paycheck on food, snacks, and toys?  (Just to have someone chew the toys up in 2.5 seconds. Ungrateful little shits.) Rushed someone to the vet doctor because something was terribly wrong? (Worst feeling ever.)  Had to find a "sitter" when you wanted to go out of  town or on vacation?

And also felt the unconditional love from that same someone. Damn, there is nothing like the love of a dog! (Plus, you can yell at said dog for chewing on above mentioned heels and dog will still love you) 
So doggie moms, even if you don't have human kids yet, you're still a mom in my eyes, so...

Now here's what my mutts did for me on Mother's Day...

They sat for treats.. sort of.  Duke (left) is camera shy and Crimson (middle) is a diva and only sits when she wants to
They begged to get on the bed...
They stayed outside all day and played in the mud then tracked it all over the house.  Thanks.
They got on the bed even when I said no, then refused to look at the camera

And in attempts to be a better doggie mom, I signed up for this program to help me motivate myself walk my dogs more (having a dog door and working nights just make it way too easy to make excuses). But walking is better for me, and better for them.

Here's a great program I found that teams up with Purina & Jenny Craig to encourage you to use your dog as a walking/exercise partner to help you BOTH reach your weight goals.  I've got some obese minpins pets, so I definitely think this could help us out!  (plus, I definitely want to lose some weight too!)

I will keep you updated on OUR progress!

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