June 24, 2013

I'm Exciting

So it's that horrible time of the week again.... Monday.  And it's time for a recap of my weekend. I'm going to warn you now, I'm super exciting.

My main goal this weekend was to clean out my refrigerator.  You see, my fridge is where leftovers go to die.  I will cook then think, "yeah, I will totally eat that tomorrow for lunch at work." Then I won't.  Because I don't feel like eating it again.  So the food stays in my fridge FOREVER. Or until I get the courage to clean it out.

I was totally going to clean it Saturday, but DirecTV was offering free Showtime this weekend and I watched this instead....

Then decided to pay-per-view this because I was too lazy to go to the RedBox...

 Of course I had to watch both parts! Don't judge me. And I ate this while I watched them...

I finally cleaned out my fridge (yay!) and survived (yay!). I don't know what smelled worse, the month week old food, or the dead bunny that had been sitting in the garbage in the Alabama heat for a few days. YUCK. Shout out to Meg for checking on me via Twitter!

If you can't tell, that's the before & after pictures of my fridge.  And after I even went grocery shopping.  Yeah I live like a bachelor. But I did find these...

I felt like I had a golden ticket to Willie Wonka's chocolate factory!  Put some chocolate and peanut butter together and call it breakfast food and I'm game!

I also blogged. Bobby was featured on my blog and I finally wrote my Liebster blog post

But yup, that's about it.  I'm exciting, I know.  Linking up with Sami & Bre.


  1. Ick! I recently went through my own massive fridge clean out. I've sworn to myself I'll be better and wont keep things for more than a week, but we'll see if it lasts!

  2. PLEASE come do my fridge next! I'm a horrible "I'll totally eat these leftovers" offender. Six weeks later...

  3. So glad to hear you survived lol! And your fridge looks great I would you come to my house and do that every week? I'll pay you in pop tarts!

  4. Love the feeling of a clean fridge!

  5. that cake looks amazing! yum!

  6. I cleaned my fridge this weekend too! It was intense but I always love how it looks afterwards!!

  7. want to come clean out my fridge now that you're done with yours?! kthanks.

  8. Cleaning out my fridge has been on my to do list for a week now. I think I am going to wait to the happy pills the doc prescribe come in that way I can be all "oo look it's ...." while I am doing it. Gotta have some fun right?

  9. As much as I hate to admit it I love all the Twilight books and movies. I even love Twilight fan fiction. I'm probably too old to love it all, but I do!

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