July 31, 2013

WTF Wednesdays: Coming soon!

Do you ever listen to someone and think, "WTF?!"
Have you ever seen something and wondered, "WTF?!"
Do you ever have a crazy day that can only be summed up with a WTF?! 

Then you can thank me and Kelly from Petite Ramblings for making the perfect link-up for you!

WTF?! Wednesday starts next Wednesday!

And duh, there has to be some rules... but they are super easy!

1. Follow Bad Luck Jenn & Petite Ramblings 
we're you're hosts & we're fabulous!
2. Follow the co-host
there will only be one per week!
3. Link back us in your post
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4. Write about any kind of WTF moment you want!

Super easy, right?! 

Go ahead and write that post and schedule it for next Wednesday! And if you're interested in becoming a co-host, email me at BADLUCKJENN@GMAIL.COM

July 30, 2013

Sidebar Love {July}

I love the girlies on my sidebar & I want you to love them too! So take the time to check them out! 

As most of you guys know, I'm moving to Indy in less than a month.  I've always lived in Alabama and I'm making this crazy move to Indiana August 16th. And if you wanna make an appearance on my sidebar, make sure you check out my options on my Advertise page!

So I asked the lovelies on my sidebar:
1. What state do you currently live in & what's your favorite thing about it?
2.  What  state were  you  born in? Have you lived in any other states? Which was your favorite state?
3.  What advice would you give to someone who was moving?  

and here are their answers! Now go meet them!! 

1. Oklahoma and country livin' in the south. ;)

2.  Born and raised an okie and I doubt if I will ever leave. If so, I wouldn't mind living in the Carolina's or Alabama.

3.  Pack each room separately and label your boxes. I'm sure everyone already does this but the first time I moved from my college apartment to zack and I's house after we got married it took me weeks to sort everything out. Also, unpack one room at a time to it isn't as overwhelming. :)

1. I live in Minnesota. My favorite thing is definitely NOT the winters! Although, I do love that we get to experience all 4 seasons - a beautiful fall & spring, freezing cold winters, and hot & humid summers.

2. I was born & raised (and still live) in Minnesota! I lived in Iowa for 9 months of the year from 2007 to 2011 for college & although Decorah is a fun little town, I much prefer Minnesota.
3.  Pack similar stuff together! In packing for college 4 different years, it was always easier to put stuff away if I had related things packed together!

1. I live in Maryland, I love how close we are to a ton of major cities. I am from the midwest which is so much more spread out. I love being able to check out a new city every weekend and only drive a few hours to get there.

2.  I was born in Michigan. It is the only other state I have lived in and I miss it a lot some days. My favorite state so far would have to be PA because Philly is my favorite city, but I haven't been everywhere yet so that may change!

3. It is expensive!!!!!!!!! There are so many little things you forget about that really add up. Have a going away party and you will get about a zillion dollars in gift cards. That will help! Plus parties are fun. 

 1. I currently live in San Diego, California.  It is awesome here, always sunny, always in the 70's.  We don't get snow, rain, sleet or extreme heat.  

2.  I was born in San Diego, we moved a lot during my childhood through Southern California and I went to college in Arizona.

3. Be organized!  Purge before you pack, pack a room at a time and label your boxes so you know exactly what is in them. 
Brooke Lyn @ Babbling Brookelyn
1. Currently live in Portland, Oregon and my favorite thing about it is the people (and the beer).  They aren't lying when they say 'Keep Portland Weird'. Makes for fantastic people watching. 

2. Was born in Oregon, but have also lived in Alaska and Southern California.  Southern California was pretty awesome, just because it's Cali. No rain in the winter was a brand new concept for me.  Alaska is beautiful though and the exact opposite of Cali, had to legitimately keep my eye out for bears in Alaska. 

3. My advice when moving: Label your boxes and know where you kept the Toilet Paper!!!

1. I live in Michigan; my favorite thing is the lakes and the seclusion they offer us from natural disasters.  We don't have all the stuff you see in other places: massive mud slides, earthquakes, massive spreading wildfires, crazy tornadoes - (MI does get a few tornadoes, but it's very rare and the ones we do get are generally mild (as far as a tornado can be mild), and they are mostly in the southern part of the state.  I'm up north).  Also, being up north more has given us freedom from things found in the dessert or heavy swamp lands - like alligators and other weird giant bugs found in the south.  Sorry, south.  Nothing personal.  There's very big bugs there.

2. I was born here in Northern MI and I've lived here all my life.  I've vacationed in other states, but I've always lived here.  It's home.

3. Advice for someone who was moving: Fall in love with take-out for a while.  You do not want to be cooking while trying to pack or unpack a house.
Chelsea @ Crazy Bullies
1. I live in North Carolina and I love the country feel about where I live.

2. I was born in NC, have in Florida, Alaska, and Washington as well. Alaska and Washington are tied!

3. Don't procrastinate on packing! Choose a state with 4 seasons! 

1. We live in Texas (Houston) now, and my favorite thing about it is the people who are and have been so friendly and welcoming to us!  Also, I love being in driving distance to other fun cities in Texas and throughout the south in general!

2.  Man these questions were made for me! I was born in Wisconsin, and I lived in Chicago as a proud resident of Illinois throughout college and grad school for a total of 7 years about there.
 I love both places equally for different reasons-family and friends in Wisconsin, and lots of college/grad school memories and friends in Chicago.  I probably miss Chicago a little more, it's "that place" for me where I feel like I leave a little piece of my heart no matter where I live.

3.  Haha, practically speaking-hire movers!  Saves on a lot of stress and anxieties (I should know, 8 moves in the last 8 years).  But going outside of the box, after having moved to new places and taking big leaps of faith with some of them (I hope I like going to college in a huge city/Let's move across the country away from our families!!), just go for it!

Aren't they awesome?!  So glad I got all this moving advice as well!! Thanks girls for participating!!

July 29, 2013


To sum up my weekend in one word: Smorgasbord.WTF does that even mean? A bunch of different shit, mmk?

I finished packing up some stuff to enter into a multi-family yard sale.  I find yard sales interesting. You sell your things ridiculously cheap that you don't even want.  I also call it COUCH MONEY.  I'm selling the items I don't want or need before I move in order to buy a new couch.  

if this is the stuff I don't want... can't imagine how much I still have left to pack...

all my purses sold!

I also went to work.  But that was no fun.  But this is my last Monday at my job.  5 more days!! 

I tortured Bobby by making him go to antique shops.  I'm on the hunt for a cheap affordable entry wall table. No avail.  

I wore my cute new headband from Cents of Style, but from some reason, I felt like Rosie the Riveter. 

The local double A baseball team was having a 5 game home stretch against Bobby's favorite double A team.  He always has to be difficult and cheer for the wrong team. Saturday the Nashville Predators caravan was there and they had a special where if you wore your Preds gear, you got in the game for free. So we did. 

Don't you love food you can get at sporting events?!

can you guess which hotdog is mine and which one is his?
I have to have one of these at every sporting event #fatgirlproblems

We also love the seats we get at the game, right along the first baseline.  We get to people watch the players in the dugout

We also got to witness this

we totally hated this guy most of the game because he was one of "those" spectators and got up every.single.inning. Maybe he was nervous? We could see his hands shaking holding the microphone! He also got booed when he mentioned he was an Ohio State fan, poor guy. #rolltide

We hung out with the family to celebrate my brother's birthday. Then I tortured Bobby some more and made him go to Furniture Row -  There is $80 in the Couch Fund from the yard sale! Score!

He thinks we will get a couch that has cup holders.  Not even.
I took Bobby to an Old Time Pottery.  He loved it. *insert sarcam*  

We also ate some Thai food for dinner.  His first and my second time.  The jury is still out on whether we will eat it again.  I spared you pictures of the food, you're welcome.  

We came home to hang out and I passed the eff out.  I feel like I will be recovering from the lack of sleep and constant on-the-go from the weekend for a few days. 
Smorgasbord, amiright!?

What did you do this weekend?

Linking up with the Samigans. And make sure you link up with this awesome BLOG HOP today!!

Blog Hopping

Check out these amazing girls and with their last "Nice to Meet You" blog hop!

It's blog hop time again! But this will be our last one. Thank you so much to all of those who had linked up on Nice to Meet You {Blog Hop} through all this time. We really appreciate it!

Before you link up your blog, I have great news! My friend Brenna from Life After Laudnry, came up with a new link party which will begin this Thursday: Less Laundry, More Linking. Hope to see all your work there ;) It's going to be fun! Don't miss out!

Ok, let's get started...

July 24, 2013

Take a look into my shopping cart

I think I went grocery shopping for the last time in Alabama this weekend. Since I'm moving in less than a month, I will be doing my best to go through everything I have in my fridge, freezer, and pantry. That's less to move, right?  So if I run out of mustard or ketchup, I'm just condiment-less!

So I thought I would share a few of my favorite things I purchased on this last shopping trip! Things you won't see: anything healthy, gluten-free, or dealing with "paleo".  I don't even know what paleo means.

 The expiration date on this explains it all. I have an issue with bread and milk expiring before I can use it.  So it's worth it to spend a little more on buying organic to make sure I can use it all. Plus I'm sure it's like good for you or something, right?

 I'm always running late, so quick lunches are a must. That's why I love Lunchables.  I wasn't so sure about the cold chicken nuggets at first, but I totally love them because they give you a little more substance than the typical cheese, meat, and crackers. And for $1.50-$3, you can't beat it.

 Duh. If you don't have to choose between peanut butter cup and cookies & cream, why should you?!  I've already eaten half a bowl of this and it's ah-mazing!

 I mostly crave sweets, but every now & then I want something salty (followed by something sweet). This dip sounded absolutely yummy! I've never had it before, so I will have to let you know how it turns out, but I know the chips are great!

One of the best inventions ever. If you're not using detergent pods yet, you totally should be. How many people actually got 35 loads from a bottle of liquid detergent? Not me. I feel like I get way more of my money's worth using these little guys.  Not to mention that they smell good & are so freaking easy.

The best grape soda ever.  And if you don't live in Alabama, I doubt you will be able to find it.  Sorry.

How did you like looking in my shopping cart? What are some of your favorite things from your grocery trips?

July 23, 2013

The Bob Behind My Blog {July}

It was like pulling teeth to get The Bob to participate in another one of these.  I'm sure you will be fully entertained by all of his in-depth and creative answers.

1. What celebrity would play you in a movie about your life?
Marky Mark

Bobby has an unhealthy obsession with Mark Wahlberg. We have to watch every one of his movies.   They look nothing alike, so I don't see how Marky Mark would play him in a movie, but he would have it no other way.  

Mark Wahlberg in Ted
2. What is your dream car?
Jeep Wrangler

And he has one.  He has owned 2 cars in his life - the 10 year old Ford Contour he drove on our first date that had a driver's door that would only open from the inside and his new Jeep which is also known as the Black Stallion. 

3. Do you have any tattoos? What, where, why?

He talks about the tattoos he would get, but I haven't seen one yet.  Waiting...

4. Boxers or briefs?

I'm not talking to you about my boyfriend's underwear.  That's for me to know and for you to never find out! 

5. List 3 random facts about yourself...
I'm not interesting

Sheesh.  Pulling teeth I tell ya! I guess you will just have to check out my Love page to find out some more about The Bob! 

Mal Smiles

July 22, 2013

Bling it on

Glam.  What is it?

glam - [glam] 1. glamour (noun) 2. glamorous (adjective).

Well, that straightened everything out didn't it?  Most of my life I've been a huge tomboy.  Like no clue about makeup, accessories, or hair products.  Then I got a divorce.

You may wonder how that has anything to do with the price of bananas in Japan, but when you're back out on the dating scene competing with all the single hot chicks and you're carrying around a BIG D under your belt, you gotta look glamorous at all times.  And then I decided I liked it and am now addicted to all things fancy (even though I'm still no good at it)

 My favorite date night outfit
Cute tube dress with a statement necklace
Sexy curls with hair accessory 

 Free accessory! Flower in your hair 

Ultimate glam, weddings!
Look how glam my bestie is on her wedding with her pearls & tiara!
I'm also rocking some fancy hair and some fake pearls

Those were some of my glammest looks, but if you have some glam looks, shoes, nails, or makeup, you can win some awesome glam prizes!!

Love glam things? From now until July 28th 2013, Hpnotiq wants you to show them how you GLAM LOUDER to win fab prizes! During the remaining challenge you can submit photos of the glammest head to toe look you can find. Entries can be pictures you snap yourself or images you find online. 

Ready to Bling It On!? Hpnotiq wants to see how you pull it all together for a chance to win the ultimate accessory: the handbag of your choice valued at up to $1000!

Want to enter? Hpnotiq's Glammest Look Challenge is going on RIGHT NOW - but hurry - the entry period for the glammest head to toe look ends at 11:59:59 a.m. EST on July 28th!

For this round they’re choosing 4 lucky winners to spend up to $1,000 on the fabbest bag they can find to compliment their glammest look! If you’re one of the 4 winners, you’ll also be able to compete in the final round for a chance to win the grand prize trip for you and three friends to go shopping with a celebrity Los Angeles! Even better - the grand prize winner will star in a professional photo shoot for the chance to be in a real Hpnotiq Ad! 

To enter visit, or visit Hpnotiq’s Facebook page OR follow @Hpnotiq on twitter and tweet them your picture using the hashtag #GLAMLOUDER.

For complete contest rules click here

 This post has been sponsored by Hpnotiq.

Change is good

So last week, I asked for hair advice.  And just like a woman, I didn't take it.

I think most people suggested medium hair length and to go with some awesome color.  So I went super-summertime and chopped it all off.  13 1/2 inches to be exact.  And didn't dye it any color, but kept it natural and just added some highlights.

On the way to the salon. This is how I wear my hair everyday to work. Fancy, I know.
She didn't hesitate to cut it off!
the new look!
check out these highlights!
the dramatic before and after pictures.  man, I look rough when I first wake up!

I'm loving the new hair already!  I know Bobby won't mind the time it will cut off getting ready to go out.  Do you realize how long it took to blow dry & style that weave? Shew.

I thought you only needed 6 inches of hair to be able to donate, but apparently most organizations require at least 10 inches.  I did a lot of research and have decided to send my hair to Children With Hair Loss.  I will post more about the different organizations & requirements when I send my hair out!

After getting my new 'do, I went to hang out with my bestie and some friends from my hometown.  Just a low key night.  Since I can't drink, I always end the night with ice cream.  That's totally okay, right?

my bestie just got 7 inches of hair cut off!  doesn't she look fab?!

And Sunday I did laundry.  And slept.  Exciting, I know.

Check out what these other folks did this weekend over at Sami's Shenanigan's!

July 17, 2013

Change is a-coming!

Are you tired of hearing about Indianapolis yet? Tough shit.  This is just the beginning.

I'm still pretty much recovering from our weekend in Indy, but it was successful because...  we found a place to live!  Like I'm mailing in the deposit and everything! The townhome is in a great part of Indy called Broad Ripple.  It is 2 blocks from the Monon Trail - which is a really cool biking & walking trail that extends all the way up the state & into Kentucky. It is 1.5 miles from a dog park, less than 5 miles from a huge ass Target, about 15 minutes from downtown and you can also see a bus stop from the front door. 

The townhome is over 1,000 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths.  It has washer and dryer connections and a fenced in patio.  The complex also has a fitness center and 2 swimming pools!  So we are pretty excited about it.  Here are a few pictures:

the floorplan!

where I will be making all the ramen!

view from the front

The official move-in date is August 16th.  Which kinda sucks since my first day of classes is August 19th, but ya know, everything can't be perfect.  So major change is a-coming!!

And when I experience major change, I like to make things even more crazy and change my hair  What?  You don't do that? 

Well I'm not real sure what I'm looking to do this time around, so I'm enlisting the help of all my friends & readers.  I've had my hair all sorts of ways... short to ridiculously long and brown to red to nearly black.  I guess nothing too crazy, but still alot of options to choose from.

So please help a girl out and help me figure out what to do with my hair!!  Go ahead and choose a LENGTH and COLOR and before I move to Indy I will get my hair did & post my makeover on the bloggity blog!

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