July 17, 2013

Change is a-coming!

Are you tired of hearing about Indianapolis yet? Tough shit.  This is just the beginning.

I'm still pretty much recovering from our weekend in Indy, but it was successful because...  we found a place to live!  Like I'm mailing in the deposit and everything! The townhome is in a great part of Indy called Broad Ripple.  It is 2 blocks from the Monon Trail - which is a really cool biking & walking trail that extends all the way up the state & into Kentucky. It is 1.5 miles from a dog park, less than 5 miles from a huge ass Target, about 15 minutes from downtown and you can also see a bus stop from the front door. 

The townhome is over 1,000 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths.  It has washer and dryer connections and a fenced in patio.  The complex also has a fitness center and 2 swimming pools!  So we are pretty excited about it.  Here are a few pictures:

the floorplan!

where I will be making all the ramen!

view from the front

The official move-in date is August 16th.  Which kinda sucks since my first day of classes is August 19th, but ya know, everything can't be perfect.  So major change is a-coming!!

And when I experience major change, I like to make things even more crazy and change my hair  What?  You don't do that? 

Well I'm not real sure what I'm looking to do this time around, so I'm enlisting the help of all my friends & readers.  I've had my hair all sorts of ways... short to ridiculously long and brown to red to nearly black.  I guess nothing too crazy, but still alot of options to choose from.

So please help a girl out and help me figure out what to do with my hair!!  Go ahead and choose a LENGTH and COLOR and before I move to Indy I will get my hair did & post my makeover on the bloggity blog!


  1. Congrats on finding a great place. I actually read a study once about women changing their hair color when a big life change occurred...so no, you're not the only one who does that! ha!

  2. the new digs look very nice.

    I'd say medium. unsure of color, I like 'em all.

  3. Dang, girl! I've never once changed the color of my hair!

  4. happy medium! with some plum :) also, yay for finding the townhouse!!! i reallllly want to get a 2 bedroom place when our lease is up.

  5. Medium and red! I do the same thing. When I left my husband, I went from strawberry blonde to black. It was awesome!

  6. So this is Indianapolis, Indiana your're moving to, yes? Hmm...I have gorgeous kitchen envy! So bright! My pick would be short and black or short and red...but they all look good.

  7. congrats on the new place it sounds awesome! I vote for medium and black!

  8. I vote medium, natural color! So cute.

    Congrats on the move, Jenn! So excited for you!


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