July 22, 2013

Change is good

So last week, I asked for hair advice.  And just like a woman, I didn't take it.

I think most people suggested medium hair length and to go with some awesome color.  So I went super-summertime and chopped it all off.  13 1/2 inches to be exact.  And didn't dye it any color, but kept it natural and just added some highlights.

On the way to the salon. This is how I wear my hair everyday to work. Fancy, I know.
She didn't hesitate to cut it off!
the new look!
check out these highlights!
the dramatic before and after pictures.  man, I look rough when I first wake up!

I'm loving the new hair already!  I know Bobby won't mind the time it will cut off getting ready to go out.  Do you realize how long it took to blow dry & style that weave? Shew.

I thought you only needed 6 inches of hair to be able to donate, but apparently most organizations require at least 10 inches.  I did a lot of research and have decided to send my hair to Children With Hair Loss.  I will post more about the different organizations & requirements when I send my hair out!

After getting my new 'do, I went to hang out with my bestie and some friends from my hometown.  Just a low key night.  Since I can't drink, I always end the night with ice cream.  That's totally okay, right?

my bestie just got 7 inches of hair cut off!  doesn't she look fab?!

And Sunday I did laundry.  And slept.  Exciting, I know.

Check out what these other folks did this weekend over at Sami's Shenanigan's!

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