July 9, 2013

Chasing my tail

This is how I feel...

Yes, this is what happens everytime I come home. I love it.

Like a dog chasing its tail. I'm fucking stressed out. I have ONE MONTH until I move to Indiana.  I don't have a place to live. Bobby doesn't have a job there yet.  Which means I will be moving to a whole new state. All alone. And living in my car. 

Then they had to give me an 8am class.  Wth?  Don't they read my blog?  Don't they know I sleep all day? I just can't even believe I'm registered for classes again.  I'm still in shock. 

So if you don't hear from me regularly, you know why. 


  1. Good luck, good luck, we all wish you good luck! (hope you watch friends for that reference)

  2. It will all work out, I promise! If it wasn't at least a little scary and stressful, it wouldn't be worth it!

  3. It will all work out, I promise! If it wasn't at least a little scary and stressful, it wouldn't be worth it!

  4. Boooo! Just come live with me and make the commute...12 hours shouldn't be too bad!

    Sorry love!

  5. you will be fine!! craigslist can find you an apartment, and maybe even a threesome partner! 8am class on the other hand might be a doozie!!!

  6. Oh my God I HATE that crazy feeling like your brain is a hamster on a wheel just spinning and spinning and nothing new is happening because - solutions are needed, dammit! Anyway, best wishes and chocolate.

  7. Hey Jenn!
    I'm so glad to know there's another PA blogger out there. There needs to be more of us! Can't wait to read about your experiences!

    PS- I'm addicted to the bachelorette/the bachelor and love Dexter and pinterest also!


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