August 14, 2013

Murphy: you can't come

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Welcome back for another WTF Wednesday! We are still looking for fabulous co-hosts, so if you are interested, please email PETITERAMBLINGS@GMAIL.COM 

So last Tuesday, I took another trip to Indianapolis.  To fill out paperwork and take drug tests and stuff.  You know, the usual.  Well I told my bad luck she couldn't come with me to Indiana.  

But she didn't listen.

I got a late start and didn't get up there until 3am... 4am Eastern time.  I had multiple stops at rest areas along the way.  Why do rest areas have to be so friggin' creepy late at night?!  I checked into my hotel and the creepy guy at the front desk was wayyyy too friendly. 

pretty damn tired looking

I got a pretty cheap good deal on a hotel room and once I got into the room, I figured out why.  WTF is that smell?! Let's just say, my leftover Red Lobster warmed up in the microwave made the place smell better. (Don't ever be that guy that microwaves seafood in the break room at work). 

I slept for 4 hours then headed to the university. I took this picture of Lucas Oil while I passed it for all you Colts fans. You're welcome.  It's crazy to me how close to downtown the stadium is! PS. Football season is almost upon us!!

I parked and started walking toward the science building, and it dawned on me that I will be walking around this campus in less than 2 weeks. WTF was I thinking going back to school?! 

I arrived to fill out my new hire paperwork since I'm being hired as a student employee until my work study position is available.  Since I will be working for IU Health, they wanted a background check, drug screen, immunizations, and two-step TB skin test.  Well you see, I've already had all this stuff done for my program.  So I brought tons of paperwork with me in hopes I wouldn't have to repeat some of this stuff. 

My health appointment to get clearance to work was at 1:45pm, so I didn't even get done with my paperwork.  Once I got there, the nurse let me know that one of my TB tests were actually read within 46 hours instead of within 48 hours, so it was null.  WTF.  So they had to give me another TB test.  And of course they wanted me to come back in 2 days and get someone to read it.  Double WTF. 

Luckily I convinced them to let me get it read a little closer to home. Getting a bazillion TB tests can't be good for you, right?

I left there and went to finish & return my new hire paperwork and noticed red spots all over it.  WTF?!  Apparently in the middle of shuffling papers, I gave myself a massive papercut.  And bled all over it.  At least I've had all my immunizations. 

I also went to get my student ID so I could be official and get student discounts.  

starting to sink in!

Then I went to the financial aid office.  The place where students go to die.  

I've been having the worst a difficult time getting the remaining funding needed to make sure I can survive while in graduate school and the financial aid office had not helped me at all.  But it seems like seeing people in person and crying gets things done, so that's what I did.  And I got a phone call the following day with results.  

So after this day, I totally deserved ice cream.  But eating a frosty while driving requires a bib. Bobby says I'm messy.  I don't know what he's talking about...

Don't worry, I pulled over at a rest stop before I took this picture

2 more days and I'm an official Indiana resident!!  MAJOR WTF!

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