August 7, 2013

WTF Wednesday: Stuff I caught on camera

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To start off our first WTF link-up, I thought I would show you a few of the recent pictures I've taken on my cell phone. There's only some WTF moments that can only be explained with a picture.  And if you're in the middle of a Subway trying to sneak a picture of a total stranger - not like that actually happened or anything - make sure you turn the sound off on your phone so that no one hears that "shutter" sound.  That would be awkward. 

I may or may not have taken this picture in the middle of a Subway. This girl had the NASTIEST looking feet.  And if you have nasty feet, just put some socks on.  I mean, WTF.  Scrub yo' feet.
 I'm a die-hard Alabama fan, so when I found this in the backseat of my car, I said whaaaaat the fuckkkkk?! This definitely doesn't belong in my car! The owner of the koozie in question is lucky I like her, because I should've ran over it with my car. Now that would've been funny.

Since I'm getting ready for city living, I've been picking up doggie necessities here & there.  When I saw these, I immediately thought WTF?!  This poop bag dispenser looks like a giant tampon. Not going to hang a giant tampon from my leash.  Nope, not gonna do it. 

 I was driving to work last week and looked ahead to see this.  WTF!? I contemplated turning around.  I definitely didn't want to drive under this death cloud.  When I got under it, it made everything turn pitch black.  But luckily, it was barely causing any rain and I survived to tell about it. 

WTF?!  I guess Santa Claus needs to go to the doctor too.  And he uses a cell phone.  I wonder if that's long distance? And check out that shirt!!

I hope you enjoyed Kelly & my new link-up!  If you're interested in co-hosting, email Kelly at PETITERAMBLINGS@GMAIL.COM!

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