September 30, 2013

Fat Girl Problems

The weekend is already over?!  Where did it go?!

This weekend can be summed up in one word:  lazy.  I did a whole lot of nothing.  And I'm not really upset about it.  Except I totally should've been a good student and studied.

But I did volunteer at the Upland Brewery Oktoberfest.

I moved to the 12th largest city in the US and know NO ONE.  There are all these cool things to do each weekend in Indy, but none of them sound fun doing them alone.  Or spending alot of money I don't have.  So I decided I can get to know some people, familiarize myself with the area, check out events for free, and do a good deed all by volunteering!  I would definitely recommend everyone checking out volunteer opportunities at upcoming events in your area.

Upland Brewery definitely treated their volunteers very well.  Volunteers got free admission, a free beer stein, a free beer fill (but they really gave out free beer to the volunteers all night!), and free water and drinks too.  Unfortunately, I don't drink beer.  GASP.  I can't drink at all actually.  Damn meds.

The Oktoberfest had beer, polka music, and food trucks.  It was great weather Saturday too!

I volunteered by checking ID's and applying armbands to everyone that came in.  It was exhausting!  But also entertaining because I got to meet all kinds of people.  But around 5pm, Upland ran out of beer steins, so every 5 2 minutes someone was coming to the table and asking about buying a stein.  As the night progressed and more beer was consumed, people got a little more demanding.  We were just volunteers and had no control over the sell of the dang steins, but we definitely got the blame for it. 

But I did get to eat from another food truck! I've decided I'm going to start stalking Indianapolis food trucks.  Can we say hashtag fat girl problems? I made a list of Indianapolis food trucks and my goal is to try them all before the end of my two year stint at IUPUI. Of course I will share my journey with all of you!

Roast beef on pretzel roll from Der Pretzel Wagon, yum!

I was able to hit up 2 trucks at the First Friday Food Truck Festival last month and one more at the Upland Oktoberfest.  And I've already eaten at 2 cupcake places - duh. So that makes 5 off the list in less than 2 months, so I think I'm doing alright!  And next weekend is the last Food Truck Festival of the year and Bobby is coming to see me, so we are going again!  I look forward to knocking some more off my list!

Which one of these food trucks should I try next? Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. volunteering is such a great idea! i really should look into doing more of it.

    i'm avoiding reading the list of food trucks because i'm already hungry... haha!

  2. Love that you're hitting food trucks. I'm obsessed. I wish Montgomery had more than one!

  3. i need to make a list of all the portland carts i want to try!!! also, very impressed you volunteered on your own. that is a good idea. hope you met some new friends!

  4. Looks like fun! I love pretzel rolls!

  5. Oh, Little Eataly should be next, for sure. :) This is hilarious, and I love whatever that sandwich was- some sort of pretzel with cheese? Hell yeah.

  6. Love that you volunteered for an Upland thing! My grandparents are friends with the Upland owners and so I have a special little place in my heart for Upland! Also, I WANT TO TRY ALL OF THE FOOD TRUCKS TOO! Whenever we get a blate worked out, I'm coming up and we're going to a dang food truck! hah!

  7. I LOVE food trucks! Looks like fun!

  8. hey i would sign up as a volunteer too!!

    my friend LOVES food trucks as well; there are bunch in toronto she visits regularly.

    Vodka and Soda


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