September 5, 2013

Moving sucks

I feel like I'm finally getting settled in the new digs in Indianapolis.  I also can't wait until life settles down and I can go on my first blate and meet Kay, Melissa, and Heather! 

Since I lost internet for 2 weeks, I never even got a chance to tell you about the big move.  Lemme just say... moving sucks.  Moving in August sucks more.  It's hot and I moved a 3 bedroom house into a 2 bedroom townhome. 

But I didn't have a lot of furniture coming with me since I was in the market for a new couch anyway (because the dogs ate mine.  no lie!) And all the big ticket items I sold (anyone need an elliptical or side-by-side fridge?  they are still for sale!)

Also, riding in the car for 6 hours with 3 dogs is not my idea of a fun day.  I don't think I will ever get all the dog hair out of my car...

Fail #1: The U-haul was too small 

I had been unemployed for 2 weeks, but was so busy visiting friends and finishing the last minute things before moving like disconnecting old utilities and connecting new ones and getting medical records, that I didn't even pack until the last 2 days.  But I got everything into boxes so that Thursday was spent loading the U-haul.  When we got to the end, we realized there wasn't enough room and had to make decisions on what had to go vs. what could stay. 

Now I have a pile of stuff in an empty house with no utilities in Alabama waiting to come to Indiana.  Nice. 

Fail #2:  Our moving helpers sucked. 

We hired moving helpers to help unload the Uhaul once we made it to Indy.  Both bedrooms were upstairs and it was going to suck trying to get all bedroom furniture up a staircase.  It was definitely worth the money for some extra hands. They helped us get everything unpacked in 1 hour!  Except they broke 2 of my bookshelves.  Yikes.

Fail #3: My dryer didn't work in the new place

The apartment complex is older which meant the dryer connection was 3-prong.  And even though my dryer was 10 years old, it had 4 prongs.  Which meant even though I had a pile of laundry from moving that I needed to get a start on, I couldn't dry it.  It was an easy fix that just meant buying a cord and making Bobby be an electrician for 20 minutes while he switched the cords out. 

Fail #4: When it got dark, my place got dark.

At first we thought we had a horrible electrical problem in the new place with multiple outlets not working. Then it got dark and we realized that none of the rooms (except the kitchen) had overhead lighting.  WTF!? What's the point of lightswitches if you don't have lights?! Of course we didn't realize this when we toured the designer model apartment in the daylight where everything was effing perfect. So that meant a trip to the store to find lamps, and lots of them. 

Then one time I flipped the switch because I noticed it was flipped up and I have OCD so I flipped it down and poof! The lamp plugged into that wall turned off.  Whoaaaa. What is this weird phenomenon going on up here? So needless to say, the outlets worked just fine.  They just are linked to the lightswitch so you can plug in lamps. Just gimme a friggin overhead light...

Note: when I finally got internet, the service tech told me he was from Ohio and in all the apartments he had been in, he had never seen overhead lights - just lamps.  What is this weird thing that you northerners have going on?!

Fail #5: My heat doesn't work.

Which really isn't important right now since it's 90 friggin' degrees outside.  But I got my gas turned on since I thought I had a gas stove (thank goodness I don't, I wouldn't know how to work that shit). The guy from the gas company came over and turned on the gas, made us turn on the heat, and we were standing in the living room in a cloud of smoke with all the fire detectors going off.  And it smelled lovely too.  The guy "red-tagged" my furnace and basically told me it was dangerous and he cut the heat back off and I needed to call maintenance.  Fun. 

Fail #6: My dogs suck at living inside.

on top of a bag of shoes... don't feel sorry for her, she has dog beds!
My dogs are used to living in a house with a dog door and a huge fenced in yard.  Now I'm in a townhome and I'm the sole controller of their potty breaks.  It friggin sucks!!   I don't think anyone should have to know about every bowel movement his dog has.  But yup, I know which one hasn't pooped and which one is pooping too much and the texture of it.  Too much info?  Tough shit.  You see what I did there?  Well they also think that every sound is some intruder and they all start barking. They even howl when I leave.  I'm sure my neighbors are loving that.  So I'm thinking I'm getting evicted any day now and I've only lived here 2 weeks. 

I think those were enough fails for one weekend, don't you?  It was definitely eventful and good gosh we were exhausted! I'm finally getting things unpacked and making it feel like "home"

Guess what? My 30th birthday is coming up soon!!!  October 10th to be exact!  And I'm starting 30 days of the Dirty Truth!  Look for these posts upcoming this week!! 

Do you hate moving as much as I do?

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