October 29, 2013

Are you a No-Reply Blogger?

When I hosted my cash giveaway (with some awesome sponsors!  thanks ladies!!) for my 30th birthday, I noticed a huge trend.  NO-REPLY BLOGGERS.

I was getting comments everyday from all these new faces, but there were a huge chunk of comments that I could not reply to because they were from no-reply bloggers. This made me put on a sad puppy dog face.  Because I do my best to respond to every comment I receive. But I used to be a no-reply blogger too, so I hold a special place in my heart for these poor souls.

Are you a No-Reply Blogger?  Do you even know what the heck I'm talking about?  Let me pick on commenter Tiffany for a moment just because it was the first no-reply email I reached and I'm totally lazy.

If you're a no-reply blogger & you comment on my blog, your comment arrives in my inbox without an email address.  How am I going to reply to you?  Well, I could write you back on the actual post, but what are the odds that you are actually going to go back to the post and check for my reply?  I mean, I know I'm awesome, but I'm sure you have better things to do throughout the day.

I could install a different commenting system like Disqus.  But truth be told, I HATE DISQUS.  It takes forever to load and maybe I want my replies to be private and more intimate so I can really get to know a blogger.  Have you ever had a email session go back and forth throughout an entire day?  Or even a span of a few days?  I do that all that time!

So in order for me to be able to respond to your comments - because we know this is all for my benefit only - DON'T BE A NO-REPLY BLOGGER.  I will even show you how!  Aren't I nice?

1.  LOG IN to your Blogger dashboard.

2.  CLICK DROP DOWN ARROW in the top right corner to see what type of profile you are using.  You should be using a "Blogger profile".  Not that Google+ crap.

3. If you are already using a "Blogger profile", proceed to Step 5 (pictures below: top is a Blogger profile, bottom is a Google+ profile) .  If you are using a Google+ profile, it's not the end of the world.  Click the gear picture under this box and you will see "REVERT TO BLOGGER PROFILE".  What are you waiting for?!  Click it already!!

4.  On the following page, y, you want to SWITCH TO LIMITED BLOGGER PROFILE.  It sounds scary, but it's not.  You can still keep your Google+ page and your GFC still works and all that jazz. 

5.  Once you are set to a Blogger Profile, to make sure your email is showing up on comments you need to CLICK THE BLOGGER PROFILE LINK.

6.  Your Blogger Profile is what someone sees when they click your hyperlink when you comment on someone's page.  Do you like what your page looks like?  Are you one of THOSE people that has every single blog that you have liked on GFC listed?  It's not too late to fix that too!  Click EDIT PROFILE.

7. Ensure that the SHOW MY EMAIL box is checked.

8.  While you're on this page, stop showing everyone that ridiculously long list of the 200+ blogs you follow on GFC.  K, thanks!

Now all is right with the world and you should start receiving replies to all those fabulous comments you have been leaving!  Please spread the word to all your new blogging friends that may be using a Google+ profile so we can stop the madness!  

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