October 28, 2013

So I dyed my hair

A few months ago I chopped off all my hair.  And like good ole Jenny fashion, I got the itch to dye it.  I dye it alot.  And I really like to dye it with the season.  I wasn't loving the natural light brown with blonde highlights that I got at my last hair appointment, so I wanted to go back dark.  But if I immediately jumped into darkest brown, I couldn't enjoy any red later.  So this was my only chance to go with a red. I chose to dye it myself because I'm a broke ass grad student with Feria's light auburn black.

I dyed my hair right before my trip to Alabama because it was needing it something fierce.  Like I had two inches growing out on those highlights and it just looked a hot mess.  Don't mind my greasy hair.  I mean, it does say "unwashed hair" in the instructions...

When I got to Alabama, I stayed at Bobby's place and I didn't bring any shampoo with me because I had shampoo at his place. Truth be told, I already had enough clothes, shoes, and scarves packed to have to worry about shampoo!  But the shampoo at his place wasn't color safe shampoo.  Does that really matter?  I'm thinking so. I think I've read something about sulfates before - i.e. I never liked my chemistry classes.  Because after another week of washing my hair with non-color safe shampoo, my towels were still looking like this:

Eeeek!  I hope that comes out... I would expect it after the first day, but after a week?  Yeah, I definitely got left out of the know-how in hair dye.  So after two weeks my hair still has a red tint to it, but definitely doesn't look like Feria's box.  Like at all.  And my highlights are for sure showing through.

I'm thinking I should dye it again.  But what do I know?

This picture was taken the day after I dyed it.  So much cuter, right?  Have you had any mishaps with dying your own hair?  Can you offer me any tips?


  1. smear vaseline around your ears, hairline on your forehead so that when you color your hair, your skin won't get stained. i forgot to do that and i had a GIANT black spot behind my hear that would not come off. it was so embarrassing!!

    good job! i'm a huge fan of box color because my hair grows so fast and spending $150 to color my grays every 2weeks? ain't nobody got funds fo' dat!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I'm with you on the broke thing. I always dye my own hair. I'm actually about due for it soon, thanks for the reminder!

    I think that is a great color for you! And it is okay if the highlights still show through a little, gives the color a little texture :)

  3. I dye my hair myself all the time. I'm too lazy to deal with sitting in a chair at the salon while I wait for it to process. I get the stained towel thing happening, too... and I dye my hair BLACK! I just try to stick with one grotty towel for the first few washes or so.

    Voyage of the MeeMee

  4. I agree with Kathy @ Vodka & Soda with the vaseline thing! When I wasn't broke I used to get my hair done and the girl always did this especially cause I used to dye it dark red or dark brown/red.

    When I first start dying my hair again for the first week or two, I don't wash my hair for at least one or two days, ( I used dry shampoo those days ) so it really sets in and use color safe shampoo/conditioner. That has helped me a lot with it fading less.

  5. sulfates are a betch! but the red does look great :)

  6. I love your new color. And I hate box dyes. I know what you mean about being broke. I myself am a single mom, so I know penny pinching is a must. When it comes to hair sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and spend a little more. I never use box dyes. I normally go to a beauty supply store, get developer [depending on what color you are choosing is which volume you pick] and a dye. They have amazing dyes at the stores. Choose one you like and mix it yourself. Sometimes you get great deals on it. Developer might be on sale, or even the color. I go to Sally's They have an amazing selection and it works!! I hope you have better luck next time. Btw the last photo of you looks great! I see a different even though its not the same color as on the box.

  7. I like the new color! I went red one time and it washed out in a week. my hair does not hold color well.

    That may be one I'll get done myself, bottle blonde doesn't come out great lol

  8. I always have to dye my hair myself; pro jobs are just way too expensive. I love the color you have, but I've also had the intense wash-out experience with Feria as a brand, before. I do like the new foams - they saturate really well...the only thing is make sure you have a REALLY good conditioner, because I feel like they leave my hair a bit dryer than the cream dyes. But I feel like the results are better with the foams.

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