November 21, 2013

What's in my shopping cart: 2

Awhile back I told you guys what was in my shopping cart. And you seemed to like reading about it.  Either you guys are foodies like me and wanna know about new and interesting products out there or are just plain nosey.  I don't really care which, because here I am again today to show you again what's in my shopping cart!

Peanut Butter Multi-Grain Cheerios:  I'm a cereal fanatic.  I love a over-flowing bowl of cereal with cold milk.  But I am cheap, so I always try to find cereals with the most bang for my buck.  Cheerios definitely offer that.  Plus they are heart healthy.  Then add multi-grains?  Fiber! Bam!  Now they are adding peanut butter to actually give them taste.  But it actually doesn't give it much taste.  So don't get your hopes up too much.  But add a sliced banana in there and have a healthy breakfast.  If you want to eat a cereal that really tastes good, stick to Lucky Charms.

Oh and don't mind the missing Box Top for Education... I remove them as I put up my groceries so I don't forget to take them off and I send them to my 9 year old niece!  If you don't collect box tops for a school, feel free to send them to me and make me the even cooler auntie ever!

Dip & Squeeze Heinz Ketchup packs:  I fell in love with these little guys at Chik-fil-a.  And who doesn't love a Chik-fil-a?!  Am I actually going to buy the box of them from the grocery store?  Nah.  Does Bobby?  Yes.  Because he eats his weigh in ketchup and loves taking them to work.  Will I happen to take an extra one home from the restaurant and stockpile them?  Never....

Yogurt-covered raisins:  These little boxes make such a fast yummy treat for a college kid on the go.  This picture happened to be taken as the box was falling out of my backpack... opened... and empty.  Guess where those yogurt covered delights are still today?  Yup, you got it.  At the bottom of one of the compartments of my backpack.  So while these treats are handy and yummy, they definitely aren't sturdy.

Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Singles:  Cooking for one person just SUCKS.  So I usually don't do it which means I tend to eat a lot of easy prep food (ramen, easy mac, frozen dinners, etc).  I found these little guys one day with a coupon stuck to them and became intrigued.  They take one minute to cook and have a cheesy packet you add to them.  I'm sure they aren't super healthy but who looks at nutrition labels, but they are pretty tasty for easy convenience and being under $3. I continue to pick up the Chili Cheese Mac each time I go to the store!  

Kraft Fresh Take Cheese & Breadcrumb Mix:  These guys are my new favorite thing ever!  If you haven't discovered them, go visit your local dairy cooler and find them.  Now.  They are a modern take to shake & bake and are so freaking good.  My personal favorite so far is the Smokey Mesquite BBQ, it makes your kitchen smell like a southern bbq heaven.

The cheese and breadcrumbs come separated in a pouch and when you are ready to make it, you undo the separator and mix together and throw your meat in the bag one piece at a time and shake. And you can use pork, chicken or FISH!  Mom made Shake & Bake and I helped!

I used pork chops just because there are sooo many recipes you can do with chicken but it seems like pork chops need a little help sometimes.  The cheese doesn't stay on too well, which causes it to burn in the oven before the meat was cooked (or maybe because I'm lazy and use aluminum foil to cover my baking sheets so I don't have to clean them every.single.time... don't ask me, I'm not Betty Crocker).  So hopefully you have a meat thermometer - you should get one at the store when you go pick one of these up if you don't already have one - just to ensure that your meat is done.

The mix made the pork chop so juicy and tender that I didn't even need a knife.  And you could see that I got 3 good-sized chops out of the bag which allowed this single woman to eat a "real" meal instead of ramen for a few days!  #winning

What are some of your favorite grocery store picks?  Would you want to try any of these items?

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