December 19, 2013

I Don't Like Chores

If you know me well at all, you know my least favorite chore is the dishes.  Like seriously.  I have a dishwasher and somehow never unload it so therefore dirty dishes just pile up until I run out of forks and kinda have to do dishes.  I also wrote a letter to the snow because we've been getting a lot of it up here in Indiana and walking the dogs in it is definitely not fun. Definitely another chore I have been dreading lately.

But who likes doing chores anyway?  And here recently blogging has felt like a chore.  And that literally takes all the fun out of it.  When I have to tell myself, oh crap, I NEED to go blog today, what the hell has gone wrong? 

I started this blog back in March after reading a few blogs because I had all these funny stories I wanted to share with everyone.  And sprinkle in some life advice too because I do feel like I am wise at times.  But then I got sucked into this blogging community with companies giving things to review, hosting giveaways, and accepting sponsors.

And all of that stuff is fun.  But it is a lot of work.  And it has gotten so far from what I originally started this blog for.

So in order to make sure I concentrate on my grad classes this upcoming semester and try to make good grades, I unfortunately will no longer be accepting paid sponsors. 

When I accept sponsors, I want to make sure I do more than just let someone sit on my sidebar.  I want to get to know my sponsors.  I want to stalk them and read their blog and shower them with social media love and blog comments.  And I haven't been able to do that lately.  So I do not think it's fair to accept sponsors until I am able to devote the attention that I want to them.

I will still post when I get a chance during the semester because my idea list is a mile long and it will only get longer!  I will still accept swaps.  I will also still check my Facebook page, Instagram, and Snapchat.  Sorry Twitter, I can't even catch up on all these tweets because I follow too many bloggers that tweet about giveaways and I avoid you like the plague unless I get a notification #sorrynotsorry

I love the blogging community, I plan to still be around, but I definitely won't be a 5 posts a week blogger because...


  1. gotta do what you gotta do sistah. ill still text/snap chat you though.

  2. now that you're not going to do sponsorship maybe you'll actually have time to do dishes! ;)

  3. I don't blame you- it's a lot! And I don't have a dishwasher and those dishes in the sink seem to stare at me evilly as I avoid them.

  4. I don't do paid sponsorships right now, cause honestly I can't take all that pressure that I have to do things to make sure these people who spent money on me get what they paid for. I love swaps.

    Oh god, I loathe doing dishes. Our dish washer is broken and not a top priority.. but oh I miss it. My next apartment it's going to have a dish washer.

  5. I honestly thought this morning: If people don't have the time to commit to sponsorships then why do they advertise and accept sponsorships? So GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF for getting out of that game when you know you can't commit to it! :D

  6. Right there with you! It's incredibly incredibly exhausting to put that much effort into blogging. While I wish I could, I just don't have the time for it.

  7. Grad School.... it'll be over soon then you will have all the the world!

  8. I understand hun! Once blogging becomes work it loses its shiny excitement.

  9. I understand and think you should definitely just do it for fun and to share. Admittedly, on a personal note, I became kinda bummed when I saw mostly #sponsors and #giveaways because the thing I enjoy MOST about your blog is just the YOU stuff. Like letter to the snow, or the shopping cart stuff, or whatever. So no matter what, just do what you need to do and ENJOY it! :) Maybe in the future or something we can do button swapsies again. :)


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