December 17, 2013

I Painted with a Twist

So this weekend I won a free seat to paint my favorite painting at Indianapolis' Painting with a Twist.  If you have never been to PWAT, I highly recommend it!  There are many types of these places all over.  Basically you pay $30-45 (depending on difficulty of the painting) and you have a teacher that teaches the class how to paint the painting.  BUT the "twist" is that you can bring snacks and liquor.  They always encourage liquor! 

The painting was Indy's Starry Night.  A take on Van Gogh's Starry Night, but a great way for me to remember the years I am going to be spending here in Indianapolis.

Now how the hell am I going to get this blank canvas to look anything like that first picture?  Luckily, I've done these classes before and I've fallen in love with painting.  And they seriously make it pretty easy.  

How did I do??  I am pretty pleased with it.  But of course like a person with slight OCD, I will never be completely satisfied with it. I think the people that have the most fun at these places are the ones that go with friends, bring a whole picnic basket full of food, a bottle of wine, and just let loose and really don't care of their painting will ever be able to be hung on a wall or not. 

After painting, I came home and FINALLY put up my Christmas decorations.  Yeah, I know.  Only 10 days left until Christmas.  But better late than never.  But the Christmas lights KICKED MY ASS.  Take this lovely lighted garland that I strategically wrapped around my banister.  Then the bastard didn't work.  Duke wasn't impressed either. 

So then I remembered to plug in the lights before using them. Wrapping lights around babies always looks cute, right? 


  1. I tried to do a pic with my dog wrapped in lights and he ran away. I thought he was going to take the tree with him.. guess I should have done that pic before I decorated haha

    I need to try one of those classes.. my painting wouldn't look half as good though.

  2. I love that painting!! You did such a great job! It's so cool that they mashed up Indy and Van Gogh.

    My sister is sending me to a class like that where you drink wine and paint, I just haven't picked which one I want to go to yet (6 months later....haha) but it looks like so much fun! I'm wicked excited for it, I used to take weekly painting and drawing lessons when I was younger and I miss it!

  3. Your masterpiece turned out great! Painting with a twist is one of my favorite things. I have one hanging in my guest room and another I need to get a frame for to hang in the bedroom. My bff and I buy groupons for it whenever we see it, then we're typically the most drunk, obnoxious people there.

  4. duke is never impressed... but i am impressed with your christmas and your painting

  5. So cool that you won! I've always wanted to go to one of those places. With wine of course!

  6. Awww... look at Duke all festive! :) You did REALLY well!!!!!!!!!! Mine would look like finger paints. Sounds like a good time though!

  7. i LOVE those painting classes! we did one for my friend's bachelorette party this fall, which i thought was a great idea. i need to do another one soon.

  8. so fun!! I love painting with a twist! yours came out wonderfully!


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