January 7, 2014

So I got some snow

We received 11.4 inches of new snow in Indianapolis Sunday (in addition to the 6 inches already on the ground from last Thursday) from the polar vortex affecting most of the country. Parts of the state of Indiana were under a state of emergency and Sunday night the city of Indianapolis placed travel restrictions and told everyone to stay off the roads.   I haven't gone outside in 2 days.  My dogs have been doing their business on my snow covered patio.  It was time to get out of the house... even if it felt like -40 outside.

I bundled up and I took Duke off leash with me outside to walk around the building.  I was kinda worried about taking any dog outside because of the fact that people can get frostbite within 5 minutes -  how would the dogs do? When I stepped outside, the inside of my nose literally started to freeze.  That shit hurt.

The scenery is absolutely beautiful. I am basically obsessed with the snow because I'm not used to it.  Duke was struggling in the snow and waiting until I made footsteps for him to tread through it.  But he was just happy to be outside and off leash.  Silly dog.

The snow was so deep it was falling into my snow boots.  FAIL.

Then I saw my car.  Holy shit.  How do I even begin to unbury this sucker?  That can't be good for it.

I quickly brought Duke back inside and since Bama wanted out so badly I decided to take her out.  She made it around the building and then froze. Literally. She just sat down in the snow and wouldn't move anymore.  I thought maybe she was freaked out by the depth of the snow, so I moved her to the sidewalk that had been blown off already and she still wouldn't move.  It scared the hell out of me.  I snatched her up and ran her back inside as fast as I could.

I placed her in front of the space heater and she started to come back to life. She is perfectly fine now and being as annoying as ever.  Needless to say, none of us are going back outside until it warms up.  I'm going to stay in my sweats and make a cup of hot cocoa from my new Keurig.

If you're in one of the many places that has received the coldest temperatures in 20 years, I hope you bundle yourself (and your furkids!) up and stay inside! And don't follow my tips for winter storm survival too seriously.

And make sure to check out my guest post on Kate the (almost) Great today!!


  1. You better keep warm. I walked outside with my head wet today...big mistake. Walked back in with frozen hair.

  2. no no no no no, you'
    re making me cold right now and I dont like it.
    poor puppy! She must be a kindred spirit for me lol Id freeze too.

  3. Coming over from Kate's guest post! You're hilarious and I hope you can stay warm!! :)

  4. It really is SO pretty! I'm glad you have your new keurig to see you through this snow storm!

  5. I enjoyed the guest post. Are you making sure you check the furbabies feet after coming inside; snow can get frozen between their toes, so it's a good idea to use a towel to help wipe them off. You probably already knew that. Er...also...stay warm! Love the mug!

  6. i can honestly say i've never seen that much snow in my life- but it is pretty!

  7. I was just saying how it had been awhile since I experienced my nostrils freezing when I went outside :-) And use cookie sheets to clear off most of the snow, then you can use your snowbrush.

  8. I have one dog who loves it and thinks it is food coming from the sky. While the other just sits at the door saying "Hey Crazy lady, let me in our out of this stuff!" And the snow shouldn't hurt your car, but just make sure you leave enough time to get it off before you need to go somewhere because there may be ice under there too. Snow is easy, ice is the problem.

  9. Dude. Pete had to shovel my car out with a fucking COOKIE sheet yesterday because our complex had plowed me in! A-holes!

  10. You guys stay inside and stay safe!!

  11. My father has been updating me on the weather there like 4 times a day. "Heat wave! It's getting up to -6!"
    "Heat wave it's getting up to 5 degrees!"
    "So cold the dog won't poop." "The dog still won't go poop"
    It's weird and funny and mostly just makes me so happy I don't live there anymore.
    Don't become a popsicle!


  12. Wow, I've never seen that much snow in one place! Stay warm, and enjoy the views!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts


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