January 1, 2014

What's up 2014?

I know half of the world is nursing a massive hangover, but I had an eventful night of sitting on the couch, watching a marathon of Storage Wars, and watching my puppies dream.  Exciting I know.  I did actually make it to midnight thanks to the 2 hour nap I took earlier in the day.  And geez Louise, Indy sounded insane at midnight with all the fireworks!

I finally made one of those Flipagram things reliving my pictures from 2013, and realized that the first half of my year was fairly uneventful and very blissful.  Got to spend every weekend with my love and we went on lots of dates and it was a definitely a look into the future of what I want my life with him to be like. I saw friends (and a best friend) get married.

Then I got accepted into grad school and the rest of the year just kinda flew by.  I quit my job that I had for 3 years, I packed up my 3 bedroom house, and moved out of Alabama for the first time in my life.  I got my ass kicked by my first semester of grad school.  But I also turned 30 and got to start exploring a new, exciting city. And lots of snow.

View my Flipagram!

So what's going to happen in 2014?   Who knows.  Am I going to get on board with the rest of America and make all these resolutions?  Nah.  Everyday you should set goals of what you want to accomplish, not just on New Year's Day.  But I hope it will be an exciting year.  I hope grad school will stop kicking my ass.  I hope I will learn to become happier with myself and all of my situations instead of holding onto anger. And most of all, I hope to survive it and see 2015!


Happy New Year to you!  Hopefully it will be nice to all of us!

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