February 28, 2014

I would rather...

I have been busy studying my ass off and I will be studying all weekend. 
Booo. It seems like that's all I do. My place is a disaster.  I am open to having someone come clean it.  Oh, but for free.  Because grad students don't have any money.  So here are a few things I would rather be doing than studying...

It's pretty obvious if you visit this place on the reg that I haven't been blogging much.  I mean, my Circle of Lights Christmas post stayed up for a week.  #sorrynotsorry.  But I have a bazillion things I want to blog about and all these blog posts I wanna read, but I never find the time to do it.  Alas, school comes before blogging.  

Don't act like you don't eat out of the carton too.  No judgsies. This ALDI cookies & cream ice cream and was actually able to get 5 "servings" out of it before I emptied it.  Most cartons last me like 3.  And don't act like you use the "servings" guideline on the side of the container.  If it can get in my bowl, it counts as a serving.  No matter how hard I pack it down.

I am a self-proclaimed TV whore and my DVR is one of my best friends.  I record so many shows I have to spend almost all weekend catching up on them (when
I should be studying... oops).  And 2 new shows that I am loving right now are Richkids of Beverly Hills and Are You The One?  Again, no judgement.  RKBH comes on E! and it is just amazing to see how much money these girls spend.  And Are You the One? is MTV's new matchmaking gameshow and it is pure entertainment!  10 guys & 10 girls are all in a single house trying to figure out which of the other sex is their "perfect match" (based on surveys and matchmakers that selected these 20 people).  So of course there is all kinds of drama when Susie likes Mike and Mike likes Becca and Becca likes Mike and Joey.  *names were totally made up

I get new songs stuck in my head and want to listen to them 24/7 until I am sick of then.  My iPod is schizo and my new downloads consist of Miley, Lady Gaga, 2 Chainz, 10 Years, OneRepublic, Chris Young, and the entire album from The Neighbourhood... just to name a few.

On a side note, how awesome is that mint nail polish?!  And it matches my earbuds too!

Omg, this is the greatest thing ever and I want to eat it everyday.  And Teddy Grahams come in like 5 flavors now!  
Who knew?! I get the apple flavored ones (with real fruit!) or cinnamon and eat away.  Definitely not high on the healthy chart, but I definitely never admitted I was health conscious.

Is it sad that 2 out of 5 of these things involved eating? And on that note, I guess I should be studying.

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