February 4, 2014


Today I have a special treat for you!  Tiffany is visiting from MyHavens Safe to tell you all about the snow days in Houston over the past month!

In light of all the snow that Jenn has been getting in the big city of Indianapolis, I thought I would share a little insight of how things work in the great state of Texas. If you didn't already know, snow is a rare occurrence here. So I have been living vicariously through her!

First off, "what the heck is a snow brush" was one of my first thoughts. I had no idea until Jenn showed hers off on #snapchat. (If you're not following us, you should be! mysafehavens and badluckjenn) And a snow drift? I am completely lost in this lingo (still don't know what a snow drift is) I'm the girl that thinks shoveling snow actually sounds like fun.

Last week we got to the freezing temps with rain and a little sleet and the entire city shut down. Not once, but twice! Everyone was flipping the eff out. Grab yo kids, grab yo wife, don't forget the bread and milk kind of flipped out. I mean, this is the norm here. The slightest flurry and we are completely shut down. You see how I used flurry? I think I'm picking up on some of the "snow" lingo. It's like learning a foreign language.

When the city shut down, the only "ice" that was found was on my car. Nice little icicles hanging from the bumper. Okay, our overpasses were also frozen over, not so safe. But no snow! So while my city was shut down, I scrolled through my instagram and was immediately jealous of all the pretty snow pictures from people's places in the rest of the United States.

Yes, according to Mr A, there is Texas, then there is the rest of the United States, and apparently Texas is 10 years behind the rest of you in so many things. Now I'm getting off topic here.

Since the city was "shut down" we stayed indoors most of the day. My Baby Bear made herself a tent, and we had a snowball fight inside. That was after I tried going to work at around noon and traffic was so bad because people drive like idiots here anyway. I mean the slightest drop of water falls from the sky and there's a slow down and accidents everywhere. Imagine ice and snow. I went home and we had some fun. I couldn't imagine living somewhere that you actually had to go to work with it snowing. I mean, we should all be able to hibernate during the winter!

Those signs say Icy Conditions Exist, and the backup of traffic, that one says Travel Discouraged
All I know is that Jenn is getting more snow, lots of snow, and I think I'll enjoy it from the backseat, because apparently it isn't as fun as I think it would be. Who would have thought?!

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