August 13, 2014

Dirty Truth: Day 5

Oh, you remember when I started the Dirty Thirty series for my 30th birthday?  Well since my 31st birthday is coming up in around 2 months, I guess I should work on that.  Oops.

I don't have an official bucket list, but there are many things I hope to get accomplished in my lifetime.

Travel.  I hope one day I can fill my passport with all types of locations.  But I would also love to travel across the US in an RV and explore the wonderful places that America has to offer.  I would love to travel to Italy and explore the whole country: the wine, the food, the historic buildings, the romance, the language.  In the US, I hope to visit Seattle, Charleston, South Carolina, NYC, and Vegas (again). Luckily, I will be traveling to NYC this September to present a research paper at the annual AAPA Conference!  But I'm still trying to raise the money to afford the trip.  So if you can spare $5, you would be helping me reach my goal!

Family.  I've been married before, and while my marriage failed, I loved being married.  I want to get married again and spoil my husband in the typical degrading woman type fashion (cooking, cleaning, etc).  Sorry all you feminists out there!  I would also love to extend our family with at least one kid - ideally I would love twins!  I want daily family dinners and weekly family activities like bowling or hiking..

Rescue.  I was involved in dog rescue for multiple years and I fell in love with it.  I love dogs and I love helping them because they are so dependent on their humans.  One of the best feelings in the world is rescuing a dog and changing his/her life by simply giving them attention, food, and toys.  I picture building kennels in a big backyard and housing stray dogs.  I think stray dogs found alongside the highway is heartbreaking.  I want to have a safe place to keep them until the family is found or until they can find new forever homes (and always spay/neuter them!)

Career.  I want to find a career that I love and will be able to start my 401(k).  I picture flexible hours, holidays and weekends off to spend with my family, co-workers I love, and a nice paycheck.  Isn't that everyone's dream?!  I chose to go to graduate school because I love pathology and how you can help patients (without actually seeing patients) and a career as a pathologists' assistant has the possibility of being all those things I want.  I have one year left before I graduate with my master's degree and then I will just have to find the perfect place to work!

I may not have any crazy things I want to get done in my lifetime, but I just want a happy, secure life and I want to be able to give back to the community and help people.  And if I can go sky-diving or bungee jumping while I'm traveling to exotic locations, I will definitely accept that!

What are some things you want to get accomplished in your life?


  1. I love the way you put the way you'd like to spoil your husband. It's only degrading to small minded women.

    1. I didn't read this comment before I wrote like, a novel about it. ^^ That is put way better. I love it!

  2. I wish I could have an enormous yard and rescue EVERY damn dog in the world!

  3. I really love all of the things you said here. I agree with all of it! With regard to what you said about spoiling your husband... honestly doing exactly as you want to do and being appreciated for it falls right in line with what feminism seems to have become. Now, women have the choice as to whether we want to stay at home or work, we can fill both the role of a doting wife (assuming that the man being doted on appreciates it as much as he should!) and still be a fiercely ambitious professional (I know that is how I choose to live my life!), and it is all empowering. :) I can't wait for you to have everything you want. You will, you're working really hard for it.

    By the way, I want to rescue all the dogs too... well just all animals in need period. Any stray that ends up with you will be lucky!

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