October 22, 2014

All the yellow leaves!

It's no secret - I LOVE FALL. Growing up in Alabama, we only got true fall for a few weeks. True hoodie weather didn't last long and the leaves changed colors very quickly. This year in Indiana, I haven't had to run the AC or the heat for nearly a MONTH! Hoodies everyday and fall colors everywhere! 

Also in the South, we had pumpkin patches, but no apple orchards. Last year we visited one and got the best apple cider and apple donuts. So this year we went to Tuttle Farms that had u-pick apple orchard and u-pick pumpkin patch. The day was dreary and a little chilly, but we still got more cider and more apple donuts. 

You can tell Bobby loves taking pictures with me #reallynotreally. 

What do you love about fall? 

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