November 27, 2020

{ Valerie + Greg 11.26.20 }

I've been begging people to let me take photographs of them and my great friend, Valerie, asked me to take some pictures of her with her animals. I took this opportunity to get some family portraits with her husband, Greg, and their adorable adopted pup, Nida. Her horses, Ed & Belle, were so fun to work with. I can definitely tell the difference in Valerie's relationship with each horse just based on these pictures. And I even grabbed a couple of shots of Valerie with her cat, Gabby!

Here's some of the (mildly) edited photos I captured!

September 22, 2020

{ Adeline 9.18.20 }

My friend let me photograph her adorable toddler - Adeline - this weekend. While she was mostly interested in picking all the petals off the daisies instead of looking at me, I think I captured some adorable candid shots of this sweet girl! 

September 11, 2020

{ Leah & Mira }

I love photographing my beautiful niece, Leah. She’s so photogenic and enjoys being the subject of my camera so it’s so easy. 

Leah and her family recently adopted a new puppy that they named Mira. Since I’m naturally inclined to take pictures of dogs anyway, it was natural to take pics of Leah with Mira the first time I came to visit after the start of COVID. 

Leah let me spice up her makeup routine with some winged eyeliner and curl her hair a little bit - which was another reason to take pictures! 

These photos were taken on my iPhone XS with regular and portrait modes. 
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