April 27, 2013

Bad Habits Die Hard (or should just die)

I can't believe I'm about to share this story with you, but if I am anything, I'm honest!

If you've read anything about me, you probably know by now that I'm always late. I believe it's a mixture of procrastination and always feeling crappy. Well this bad habit has also overflowed into my financial habits. I'm not proud of it.

I'm really bad about getting my mail from my mailbox, but never opening it. I think partly because half the time I DON'T have the money to pay the bills (I get a zillion medical bills. It's very depressing) and when I do have the money, I have a ton of other things I would rather do than pay bills. I'm sure this stems from my previous marriage when I was always the one that had to pay all the bills and keep the account straight and it can be utterly exhausting.

So enter divorce life. I have less than half the income I had grown accustomed to and I finally have freedom, but I'm all on my own and I have to do EVERYTHING all by myself -  dishes, laundry, trash, cleaning, bills, taking care of the dogs, grocery shopping, etc, etc, etc.  It's absolutely exhausting!!

So you let yourself slack in certain departments. Which is why I totally want a cleaning fairy! Needless to say, I regretably let the handling of  my finances slack often sometimes. It's still no excuse (bad Jenn!)

Which brings me to me current I-just-wanna-crawl-in-a-hole-and-die story.

This morning someone knocked on my door at 10am. I'm trying to sleep & wasn't about to go see who it was, but B had spent the night with me so he got up and looked through the blinds and said, "it's the utility department."

I'm thinking, crap, did a water pipe burst? Is there a sewage problem? B answers the door (in his boxers nonetheless) then comes back and tells me, "you're going to need to take care of that. He's here to collect money for your utility bill."

Let. Me. Die. Now.

I go grab my utility bill (still unopened since I just received it this week) and my checkbook and head outside with my bed-hair, morning breath, and pajamas (sexy thought, I know).

The guy tells me it says my balance is from February. Oh yeah. That.

I had left a $10 balance because I didn't have my current bill when I dropped off my February payment and just guessed at the amount. So I had $10 from February, my March balance that was due April 11 (okay, I'm late, but not THAT late) and my April balance had posted which is due May 11.

He needed the February & March amount (no problem, I swear I was about to pay it!)... and $30 for coming to my house. Grrr. Well, it was better than cutting off my utilities.

So a balance that started off around $130 ended up costing me $190 with late fees and the $30 home payment service. Geez. I really need to get this "on time" thing under control.

So if B had not answered the door this morning, I probably wouldn't have had utilities this afternoon (and would've had to pay a lovely re-connect fee I'm sure). So thank you Bobby! But on the other hand, if he wasn't there, I wouldn't have had a witness to my lack of responsibility (and just wanted to die)

Has being late for something ever gotten you in major trouble or embarassed you?

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