April 11, 2013

Deep thoughts

So I had a long drive to my interview (4 hours each way) in a part of the country I had never been before, so I had some time for some deep thoughts. I thought I would be kind enough to share them with you (you can thank me later!)

-why does  the whole entire state of Kentucky smell like cow poop? Shew-ee! I had to roll my windows back up

-why are rest areas so scary at 3am? It doesn't matter how non-scared I pretended to be, I still had a scene from a horror scene flash across my mind while I was peeing.

-why does Kentucky have an Australian petting zoo? It's called "Kentucky Down Under". At first I was intrigued, so I googled it. Then I found out it was pretty much a petting zoo with some kangaroos. If you like that sorta thing...

-are there any liquor distilleries NOT in Tennessee & Kentucky? Jack Daniel's and Dickel are in Tennessee with Maker's Mark, Heaven Hills, and Jim Beam in Kentucky - all along Interstate 65.

-is there anyone out there  that doesn't like jamming "Regulators" and trying to rap all the words? Absolute classic.  RIP Nate Dogg. Mount up!

-isn't it bad enough to drive somewhere unfamiliar? Even worse to drive somewhere unfamiliar at night when you can't see shit?  How about during a friggin' thunderstorm with the wind blowing your poor little hybrid all over the interstate and where you have to white knuckle grip your steering wheel and strain your eyes to see the white lines through the torrential downpour... isn't that the worst?

-why does satellite radio cost $13/month? Why does it cost  anything at all? They give you 3 free months with your new car and  make you love all the stations and have them programmed into your radio then BAM! One day you're back to listening to regular radio again. Blasphemy!

-why do we have time zones? I planned my trip for my interview and never even considered that it was a different TIME ZONE!  My phone was telling me it was  going to take 4  hours to get there and my gps was saying 5 hours, so I knew something was going on. So I lost an hour of sleep, boo hiss.

That is all the deep thinking my brain can handle for now. What do you think about on road trips?

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