April 4, 2013

Me & Murphy are BFF

Why is it that if you are running late, it seems like everything goes wrong and you get behind every slow poke? It never fails.

I guess it didn't help that I stayed up wayyyy late giving the ole blog a facelift. Do you like? So when my alarm went off this morning afternoon, I hit snooze for like an hour awhile. I even "snoozed" the boyfriend's phone calls attempting to wake me up (he quickly caught on the this fact. Shame on me)

Jump in the shower. Crap, supposed to see the boyfriend tonight, now I gotta shave my legs dangit. Why can't men appreciate stubble on our legs like we appreciate their 5 o'clock shadow?

Socks & shoes on. Owee. Trimmed one of my toenails a little too short. Should've put a band-aid on it. No time! Now I'm walking with a slight limp. (Surely no one will notice)

On the way to the kitchen I notice one of the little shits angels chewed up something and it's all over the living room floor. Oh well. Fits right in. I haven't swept in a week awhile.

What's for lunch? That waldorf salad from this weekend was ah-mazing. But of course, twisting the bag of lettuce around just wasn't good enough (duh) and now it's brown. Ick. Guess I will stop by the Piggly Wiggly and pick up a fresh bag on the way to work.  And yes, Piggly Wiggly's still exist.

Out the door, finally, and head to the Pig. Oooo! Cheesecake brownies, and they are half-priced! My ass will appreciate those! (I will kindly forget I have a bridesmaid dress to get 10 days. Damnit

Get the lettuce (and brownies. and half off Easter candy). Check out. Get in the car. Head north on the interstate. Low gas light.

I will get to work... eventually.

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