April 15, 2013

Medical Madness Monday - a pituitary tumor + 5 year old

 Posting on Mondays about different types of Medical Madness

Hello everyone! It's another Monday & I've survived another (very) eventful weekend. Besides being extremely sore & fatigued and some stomach problems today, I'm doing just fine!

Today I wanted to share about Bobby's nephew's surgery. He had a pituitary tumor and had surgery last Thursday. They were able to get all the tumor they wanted to get & luckily the tumor was benign. His nephew is recovering as expected  after a complicated brain surgery.

His tumor took over his entire pituitary gland, was wrapped around his optic nerve, and part of his hypothalamus. Pituitary tumors are normally removed nasally, but due to his age (he is 5), they could not go this route but had to make an incision in his skull.

The pituitary gland is responsible for a lot of important endocrine functions including hormones that are essential in growth, body temperature regulation, blood pressure, pain relief, thyroid gland regulation, lactation, and water regulation.

Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery for his nephew and for his entire family that is dealing with this medical madness for the support they need during this time. They are the sweetest people and his nephew is just awesome!

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