April 23, 2013

My First Link-Up: Weekend Shenanigans

In blogging land, bloggers host these things called link-ups. A blogger hosts a link-up with a theme and other bloggers write using that theme and "link" back to the host blogger. So today I'm going to give it a try!
This is what my weekend consisted of:

Saturday night was a date night with me and the boyfriend. B and I finally got a reservation at a restaurant that we had been wanting to try for awhile: Connor's Steak & Seafood. It was amazing! The weather was chilly so I got to wear my fave sweater dress.

Of course, I always want dessert so we ended up at Sonic. Sitting in the drive-in at Sonic eating ice cream with the boyfriend late at night is pretty much the best ending for any night. (Not to mention that my banana split molton lava cake was abolutely fab!)

Sunday I was completely lazy (nothing wrong there) since B had to work (stupid outage). I finished up my Cara Box to mail to NY on Monday and...

*drumroll please*

I accepted an offer to enter the master's pathologists' assistant program at Indiana University this upcoming August!

To read more about this HUGE decision, head over to Medical Madness Monday, my normal Monday blog. Also, check out more Weekend Shenanigan's here:

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