April 2, 2013

The Mason Jar Project

One of my best friends is getting married in less than 2 weeks. (Eeeek! I'm so excited for her!)  She is having a rustic country wedding with a lot of DIY projects (bless her heart, what did she get herself into?) Since I'm a new Pinterest addict, I'm loving helping her in my spare time (time? Ha, what's that?)

This week my project is mason jars. I'm attempting to decorate them and give them some color. She has multiple jars with burlap, twine, and lace, but no jars with her wedding color - PINK. 

My first thought was that I could use acrylic paint and do a stained glass effect. I was wanting something she could still see-through so she could use the jars for candles or flowers. I used a sponge brush and painted it, but you could see all the brush strokes.


So I waited for it to dry and painted a second coat. Well, apparently acrylic paint doesn't like mason jars, because it peeled right off!


I wiped the wet paint off (sad that it just rubbed right off) and tried painting with a regular paint brush. Not any better. Next!

I saw on Pinterest that you could mix school glue with food coloring and paint the inside of a jar. But the problem with the school glue is that its washable and can't be around water (no flowers). So mod podge is like glue, right? So I mix some red food coloring with a little mod podge and got my foam brush and started painting.

Well this doesn't look right...


Apparently you shouldn't use a soaking wet foam brush. Doh.

I kinda like this mod podge stuff! I've never used it before (don't judge me). So let's try mixing the mod podge with glitter. (everything's better with a little glitter, right?) So I took this pink glitter I found and mixed it into a cup with some mod podge and got my trusty foam brush out. I painted the glitter on & could even sprinkle the glitter on and the mod podge kept it in place. 

Once it dried, the mod podge was clear, the glitter stayed in place, and I think the jar looks pretty fab!

I also used some school glue to draw a heart & "w+t" and stuck the pink glitter to it.  I've let the school glue dry really well, but I plan to reinforce that drawings with pod modge so it won't fall off everywhere.

Some reason I woke up feeling like I visited a strip club last night with glitter all over myself.

Think I will try mixing the mod podge & food coloring together again... update coming soon!

<3 Jenn

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