April 18, 2013

Wedding day!

So wedding day  for one of my besties has come & gone (thank goodness!! Love her to death, but I'm exhausted!) but it definitely started off rough... for me. But of course like a true bridesmaid, I never let the bride know!

When my alarm went off, I did have a brief moment where I just wanted to call in sick. I was sooo tired. I had stayed up wayyy too late ironing my bridesmaid dress. I mean, the least David's Bridal can do is slap some steam on that bad boy when they pull it out of the box, ya know?

But of course, I made myself crawl out of bed and I jumped into the shower. Got out, brushed my teeth, then put my contacts in. I was on my second contact when it popped out and was on my cheek. Ugh, stupid dry eye.

Try again. But it popped out again.

And I couldn't find it.

At first  I wasn't freaking out,  but after looking all in the toothpaste-draining sink (oh crap! Lemme close the drain! What if it already went down the  drain?!)

"Baaaaabe!" Bobby is still passed out. Its 10:30am & he didn't get in until 7am.  Now I'm freaking out. 

What if I can't find it? I'm already running late. I don't have another contact. "Baaaaaaabe!!!"

Oh nevermind! There it is! Stuck to the back of the faucet. Shew! What a relief! Crisis averted.

I start applying  my makeup. I'm not a big makeup wearer & I can't for the life of me get these big beautiful eyelashes everyone else rocks, so I love my set of fake eyelashes. So I attempt to put them on.  I've worn (and rocked) them once or twice, so I know I can do it. But damnit, these little feathery bastards won't stay on, or have large clumps of white glue all visible on my eyelid (not the look I'm going for here).

I peel off and  re-apply... like 3 times. After 20 minutes, I finally say eff it and try my darnedest with plain ole boring mascara. But geez if I don't have glue all stuck in my eyelashes.

What time is it? Geez! The bride is going to kill me! I gots to go!

I gather up my stuff, kiss the sleepy boyfriend goodbye (he was sleeping so well I don't think he remembers me leaving. Must be nice.) and head for the door.  Where's my keys? You've got to be kidding me!

I search the entire bottomless depths of my purse feeling for my keys. Nada. I start pulling out items and looking for the jingling shiny objects. Absolutely nothing. If the doors to the house & apartment had the intellikey system like my car, all I would need to know was that the keys were nearby. But nooo... I actually have to have them in hand to lock the boyfriend's door (it's all the door's fault).  My jacket pocket! Of course!

Get in the car & I see that the bride has texted me. I'm running uber-late (as always. If you know me, you know I'm always late. Not a trait I'm proud of) Her hair appointment is running behind & she is a little stressed so I tell her to breathe (no mention of how late I will be. Do I want her having  a bridezilla breakdown? Negative.)

I get to the hair salon 20 minutes a little late. My hair ends up looking nothing like I wanted it to and I feel like a Desperate Housewife, but no time to be picky. That's what I get for being late...

I get to the wedding site, get dressed, and realized I definitely should've tried that 7 Day Arm Workout on Pinterest and gotten a spray tan. I hope no one looks directly at me in the sunlight, I may glitter like a Twilight vampire.

All that aside, the wedding was country, rustic and beautiful. Now I know you want to see some pictures so here you go!

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