April 29, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: GNO

One of my good friends got a new job and we no longer work together (boo), so we needed to get together. Heather came down to Alabama from Nashville and we went out to some places that she hadn't been for some shopping. What's a girl's night out without shopping?!

I didn't become "girlie" until after my divorce when I started getting back out in the dating scene again and seeing all these girls wearing cute accessories and shoes.  And now I'm obsessed. But I'm cheap. I definitely do not have designer or expensive tastes.  I get what I like and it's usually on clearance.

One of my favorite stores ever is Charming Charlie. If you've never been to one, look for one! It's a big store full of accessories: jewelry, purses, some clothing, shoes - and the store is divided by color. Heather had never been, so it was a must.

We also went to H&M. This store has a little of everything (mainly clothing) for women, men, and children and is definitely affordable. A lot of the stuff in there is "omigosh what were they thinking" but then you can find some really special pieces.

Here's some of the stuff I bought Saturday night:

Hair accessories, houndstooth just in time for football season!
New sunglasses.  Ignore my hair, ha
Purse normally $40 for $25!
After shopping, we met my sister at PF Chang's (yum!  Another first for Heather) then we decided to head downtown and grab some drinks and do some people watching (watching drunk people is way too fun). People watching is one of our past times in Nashville (free past times).

The first bar we went to Heather got her a Woodchuck & I got me a sprite (I can't drink with one of my meds. But yes, I can still go to bars). The bartender was like, "just a sprite?" and I'm like "um yeah" and gave it to me with a very weird look, but  gave it to me no charge. Score. I can't walk around in a bar without a drink in my hand, ha.

We sat on the patio & caught up and were just hanging out  when someone walked behind Heather in the alley. He stood next to us and said hey. It was an older, bald, overweight African-American guy. He had at least one gold tooth. We turned toward each other and continued talking.

But he kept standing there.

Apparently he was building up his courage to talk to us. He banged on the railing to get our attention (apparently he also didn't get the hint we weren't interested) He asked us again how our night was going and if the bar was busy tonight.

He wasn't actually AT the bar, but in the alley behind the patio of the bar. I was giving him short answers and then trying to continue my conversation with Heather, but dude kept talking!

Note to any guys reading: kudos for having the courage to talk to a girl at the bar. I'm sure it's nerve racking. But if the girl is interested, she will continue talking to you. If she turns away from you and continues to talk to her friend, wave the white flag and exit gracefully.

Gold Tooth asked if I was wearing a wedding band (note to Bobby: guys look at these things at the bar.  Maybe you should put a ring on it)  I told him no, but I was getting married to my boyfriend (ahem Bobby). He  then  asked for my phone number (idiot). I said no (duh). He said I may change my mind (I'm not, but if I did, I guarantee the guy wouldn't have gold teeth). I told him thanks anyway and he finally walked away.

Then we left that bar.

We wanted to go to the bar that across the alley, but when we headed that way, Gold Tooth was standing on that sidewalk.  Nope. Not walking that way. Next bar!

The next bar we went to is something I would refer to as a  "dive" bar. It's got a great feel to it and it has a good signature drink.  But geez, since it's underground, it stays filled with smoke. And as a non-smoker, there is nothing more annoying than coming home and having all your clothes (bra, cute scarf) and your hair smelling like stale smoke.

As soon as we walked in, a guy tapped me on the arm and pointed to the girl across from him and said she needed to tell  me something. I looked at her she had her hand blocking her face and looked absolutely mortified. I shrugged and was waiting to walk forward and he started mumbling something over the live music so I leaned down to see what he was saying & he said, "she was going to tell you that she thought you were cute." Um okay.

To the mortified chick at the bar Saturday night: if you really think I was cute, thanks!  I don't think there is a better compliment than having another chick hit on you.  If the guy  you were with was just hoping for a random threesome, ditch him.

Rocking my new scarves from Cents of Style. Poor Heather always closes her eyes! Probably should've fixed my red eye

I got my sprite (no charge! I should go out more often!) and Heather got one of their signature pink chicken drinks and we stayed there as long as our lungs could handle it.

We were heading home with the windows down when a car  full of (drunk) guys pulled up beside us at a redlight. This should be interesting. The light quickly turned green, but we got caught but another redlight with the guys in the turning lane and we were in the far right lane (so an empty lane between us)

The guy in the backseat was practically hanging out the window and yelled, "hey girl, what your Facebook is?"

If that doesn't get your tractor cranked, I don't know what does.

I'm giving Heather time to decide if she wants to give these guys her Facebook and a big truck pulls into the lane between  our cars. The guys tell the dude in the truck that they are  trying to mack on those girls and convince him to back up!

It's about to storm, so you can see lightening. The drunk guy in the backseat yells, "is that lightening or did I just get struck by cupid's arrow?"

Heather is busting out laughing. I'm ashamed to even look at them. The rest of the drunk guys are yelling, "c'mon man! Why did you say that?!"

The light turns green (thank goodness) and he yells out, "hey girl, what your MySpace is? Yourspace is myspace!"

Yeah... the material definitely didn't get better. Needless to say, they didn't get Heather's Facebook or MySpace.

We headed to Krystal's. 2am just isn't the same without Krystal's. Plus they have new seasoned waffle fries (if you haven't had them, go get them!) And they have banana pudding milkquakes and I've been craving one after seeing all these Zaxby's commercials.

I ordered the banana pudding milkquake and they said they didn't have any cups. I asked, "can't you just put it in a different cup?" (logical, right?)  He said, "we don't have an ice cream machine here."  Okay, now I'm just confused. "So, you don't have any ice cream?" The guy said their ice cream came already in cups and all they had was chocolate. Weird. I ordered a chocolate one anyway (obsessed with sweets, remember?)

We ended the night playing with the dogs and looking through old pictures. Wild night, I know. But we had such a great time and it was much needed for BOTH of us!

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