May 31, 2013

Fan Friday {link up}

Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars has this cool new link-up called Fan Friday.  And since she is cool, I figured I would be cool and post something cool for it. 

Venus Trapped in Mars

So what should I talk about?


I've always been a "guy's girl" and enjoyed sports. I love going to sporting events and actually know what's going on!  But when I met Bobby, my sports knowledge increased immensely because this dude is obsessed.  And going to games is just one of the things we do (our first date was supposed to be a baseball game, but it was raining). 

So here are my favorite sports teams, whether Bobby agrees with them or not.

College football: Alabama Crimson Tide
I was born & raised an Alabama fan.  I woke up many Saturday mornings to my dad yelling at the TV during Bama games. I mean my dogs' names are Bama & Crimson... Alabama is kinda the best team in 'merica. But even if they sucked, I would still be rockin' my crimson & houndstooth.  But they don't, so no worries.  And there is nothing like watching a game in Bryant Denney stadium in good ole Tuscaloosa!  Even though I'm one of those annoying die-hard Bama fans, I love all of the SEC - the rivalries, the talent, and how anything can happen.

Unfortunately, Bobby is not an Alabama fan. But when I met him, he mainly cheered for Florida State.  But he's from east Tennessee (close to Knoxville) and now lives amongst alot of us annoying die-hard Bama fans, so he cheers for Tennessee more often than FSU these days.  Sigh. I have faith that one day he will smarten up.

Pro football - Green Bay Packers
I will admit, I don't even watch pro football. But when I started dating Bobby, I pretty much had to if I wanted to see my boyfriend on Sundays during football season.  And I wasn't allowed to cheer for anyone besides the Green Bay Packers.  I became a fan right after they won the Super Bowl, so yeah, my ankles were hurting from jumping on that bandwagon. I'm still learning the differences in pro & college and who are the players to love & hate. But I'm pretty sure I will always dread fantasy football.

Pin-up picture taken in Bobby's Green Bay jersey

NHL hockey - Nashville Predators
I'm a Preds fan by default, it's the closest NHL team. My friend & I were walking in downtown Nashville one night when a guy selling Preds tickets wanted my friend's number & gave us tickets - FREE. Neither one of us had ever been and neither of us had any idea what was going on!  We just talked and drank through the whole game.  The people sitting near us were giving us mean people stares, oh well.

Then I met Bobby.  He stands outside Bridgestone Arena and stalks the Predators.  Not really, but pretty close.  So we go to Preds games together and he won't let me talk and drink the entire time, so I had to learn what was going on.  So now I know what icing, slashing, and hooking is.  And I like it.

And since I work in Nashville, I get to meet cute hockey players and get their autographs.

Hockey minor league - Huntsville Havoc
So you already know how I learned about hockey, but the NHL was in a lockout for most of this past season. So how else would we get our hockey fix? By supporting minor league teams of course!  There are pros of watching both minor and pro.  Minor tends to have more fights and more drive - like they want it more (I would say the same about college football), whereas pro tends to be more organized and put together with their plays. This post tells how I was cheering for Havoc player Anthony Battaglia in The Amazing Race. And the Havoc's mascots are named Chaos & Ruckus, how cute is that?!

Again, unfortunately, Bobby cheers for some other team. The Knoxville Ice Bears.  I mean, Ice Bears? C'mon. Sounds like something you would put in your child's bed at night.  Just come to the better team already.

 fight between players at a Havoc vs. Ice Bears game

Baseball - Atlanta Braves
I played softball all through junior high, so naturally I loved baseball too.  And baseball uniforms. And baseball players' butts in the uniforms.  In particular, I was obsessed with Chipper Jones.  And I could've cried when I found out he was retiring... but I have been watching him since junior high!  At least Bobby will cheer for the Braves!

Turner Field

As far as basketball or golf or soccer, I gots no idea what's going on, so I'm not interested. 

What are your favorite sports teams?  Is your home a house divided? 

May 30, 2013

Major Aww Factor


Five years ago today, my Duke was born. Five years ago tomorrow, I brought him home.

Now I'm not the greatest with math, but if you're thinking what I'm thinking, that means I brought him home when he was one day old. And that's correct!

I used to be the Alabama representative for a miniature pinscher rescue group call Southern Star MinPin Rescue (SSMPR). I was fostering a nursing minpin with her one baby when another rescue group called and asked if I could take some day old puppies.

The owner had taken her female boxer to the vet to get spayed, but her boxer was pregnant. She wanted the puppies aborted, but they were full term. So the vet delivered them and called the rescue group since the owner did not want them.

*steps on soapbox*

You may think aborting puppies sounds horrible, but it happens all the time. This is due to so many pet owners being irresponsible with their pets and letting them breed and having unwanted litters. These unwanted animals then end up across America's shelters where thousands get euthanized on a daily basis, just because there are not enough homes for all of  them. This is actually a huge problem in the South.

So SPAY & NEUTER your pets! It will prevent unwanted litters and also decrease your pet's risks for  many types of cancers. To view all the benefits of spay & neuter, visit The Humane Society.

*steps off soapbox*

Since the nursing minpin only had one puppy (and would never let me play with the puppy. sad face), I figured she would be willing to nurse 2 more babies (and then let me play with a puppy. of course this is  all about me) This would also help out the lady who was bottle-feeding ALL SIX of the newborns.

Do you know how much work a mother dog does?! Everything she does stimulates the newborns, including bowel movements! (Meaning if you don't have a momma dog, you gotta do that shit yourself. Literally.)

So I brought home 2 boxer puppies, one boy & one girl, to the nursing minpin, Bella. They only weighed 11oz!! And Bella made them hers right away.

Bella & the puppies.  Notice she is a little bit of a toy hoarder
Duke - 1 day old
Duke - one week old
I supplemented their nursing by bottle feeding them formula with colostrum since Bella had been nursing for 3 weeks and was no longer producing it. Bottle feeding these little boogers was frustrating and rewarding. Most of the time they would get so excited they sucked so hard that milk shot out through their noses! But I literally could hold them in between my fingers and hear them grunt and move their little paws like they were nursing. It was so precious!

After bottle time!
Duke & Roxie with their eyes open

The boxers quickly caught up in size with their minpin sister that was 3 weeks older than them.  And around 6 weeks, were almost the size of "mom"!
three-way tug-of-war!
cuddle time

My then husband (now ex) had always wanted a larger dog and here we had these 2 beautiful boxer babies that we were getting to raise. So at six weeks old, Duke got his official dog tag that made him a part of the family (we needed a boy since Bama & Crimson were both girls) And it's pretty obvious by the last picture that I was already getting attached!

I'm official!
let me on the couch, pretty please!

His sister got adopted no problem. Only 1 of the remaining four that were only being bottle fed survived. That really drove home how important a mother was in their life, no matter what breed of dog the mom was.  So I guess I helped save the little stinkers lives. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here are a couple of my favorite Duke puppy pictures!

Mama's boy!
trip to the beach, fell asleep in his food
same beach trip, will fall asleep anywhere! and look at those paws!!

Fast forward to today.  I love that damn dog.  He is 65 pounds of pure entertainment.  He loves to box and will try to bite your belt. He thinks "shake" means roll over (that's totally not my fault, I swear) He is terrified of trash bags and surrenders to all the dogs in the dog park, even the ankle biters.  And he thinks he can sneak onto the bed without anyone noticing.

Keep stalking me so you can catch the post when I upload the video of him chasing his tail and chasing a laser pointer!  What?  You thought only cats did that?  Nah, stupid dogs do too.


May 29, 2013

Brand Me

The bloggy blog is getting a facelift soon!!  And when it does, I will be hosting my first GIVEAWAY! Yay for free stuff!! 


But while she is getting a facelift, stuff is starting to slowly change around here.  I'm getting some new people hanging out on my sidebar (they are awesome! you should go visit them!! like as soon as you get done reading this post!), stuff is being added and taken away and added again (because I'm indecisive like that), and I'm "branding" my blog.

What's that mean?  Well to me, it means I'm trying to get all my social media usernames to be the same and match up with my blog name.  If that's not what that means, then nevermind.

So if you go to stalk me on social media and the link doesn't work, try the buttons under my lovely selfie.  Those should be right.  Or at least I think they are.  If that doesn't work, try peeking in my window at night.  I like that.  

And if you want to be one of those cool people on my sidebar, it's super easy!  All you gotta do is follow me on GFC and check out my Advertise page!  I have a free swap option called "Beginner's Luck".

And because I love those awesome ladies hanging out at my sidebar - help Courtney win a car by voting for her!  Her video is called "Little Ashton wants a safe & reliable family vehicle"

I still have my Liebster post & nominations coming up as well as some awesome new Pinteresting posts so you wanna stick around.

Sit. Stay. Read.

Cara Box Reveal - May

This was my second month participating in Cara Box and it was still fabulous!  I recommend everyone participating in this program and getting to meet lovely ladies, shop for someone special, and recieve an encouragement box full of goodies one day on your doorstep!

This month I sent a Cara Box to Emily at Em-provising.  The theme was "Let's Get Regional" where you sent a box of stuff to your person that would be stuff she would like, but also stuff relevant to the area you lived in. Make sure to check out her blog to see what I sent her - with items from Alabama!

I was thrilled to head to work one day and walk out my front door and see my Cara Box from Katie (who blogs at Confessions of a Southern Fashionista) sitting on my front porch! Now if you've read about my postal lady, you will understand my next dilemma.

I had already set the alarm to the house, so I took the box to my car and ripped it open (these kinda things just can't wait!) and I noticed some greasy smudges on the paper she included listing what all was in the box and on the card she sent (Katie & I later decided this could've been from fried chicken!). Then I unwrapped this great sugar scrub she sent that was MELTED, tipped over, and leaking on most of the stuff inside the box. The candle she sent was also melting but stayed to itself.

My postal lady had left the box at the steps of my porch in the direct sunlight on an 80 degree day. Lovely. Not to mention the box also had "fragile" and "careful" written all over it. Let's not move it out of the way or nuthin'. Luckily nothing was ruined and here is all the cool stuff I got!!

A Vogue & Cosmo magazine, a picture frame, a peach scented candle, dog treats, candy, a sugar scrub, & a dog toy! Not pictured: a mix CD with local Georgia artists! How awesome is that?!

She knows I have a huge sweet tooth!  These twizzlers may or may not be open before I took the picture..
This candle smells sooo yummy! And definitely GEORGIA!
A camo hedgehog - totally southern, right?
I think he likes it!

Thanks Katie! I love my stuff!!

Make sure you check out Emily's and Katie's blogs and definitely participate in Cara Box!!

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