May 29, 2013

Brand Me

The bloggy blog is getting a facelift soon!!  And when it does, I will be hosting my first GIVEAWAY! Yay for free stuff!! 


But while she is getting a facelift, stuff is starting to slowly change around here.  I'm getting some new people hanging out on my sidebar (they are awesome! you should go visit them!! like as soon as you get done reading this post!), stuff is being added and taken away and added again (because I'm indecisive like that), and I'm "branding" my blog.

What's that mean?  Well to me, it means I'm trying to get all my social media usernames to be the same and match up with my blog name.  If that's not what that means, then nevermind.

So if you go to stalk me on social media and the link doesn't work, try the buttons under my lovely selfie.  Those should be right.  Or at least I think they are.  If that doesn't work, try peeking in my window at night.  I like that.  

And if you want to be one of those cool people on my sidebar, it's super easy!  All you gotta do is follow me on GFC and check out my Advertise page!  I have a free swap option called "Beginner's Luck".

And because I love those awesome ladies hanging out at my sidebar - help Courtney win a car by voting for her!  Her video is called "Little Ashton wants a safe & reliable family vehicle"

I still have my Liebster post & nominations coming up as well as some awesome new Pinteresting posts so you wanna stick around.

Sit. Stay. Read.

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