May 29, 2013

Cara Box Reveal - May

This was my second month participating in Cara Box and it was still fabulous!  I recommend everyone participating in this program and getting to meet lovely ladies, shop for someone special, and recieve an encouragement box full of goodies one day on your doorstep!

This month I sent a Cara Box to Emily at Em-provising.  The theme was "Let's Get Regional" where you sent a box of stuff to your person that would be stuff she would like, but also stuff relevant to the area you lived in. Make sure to check out her blog to see what I sent her - with items from Alabama!

I was thrilled to head to work one day and walk out my front door and see my Cara Box from Katie (who blogs at Confessions of a Southern Fashionista) sitting on my front porch! Now if you've read about my postal lady, you will understand my next dilemma.

I had already set the alarm to the house, so I took the box to my car and ripped it open (these kinda things just can't wait!) and I noticed some greasy smudges on the paper she included listing what all was in the box and on the card she sent (Katie & I later decided this could've been from fried chicken!). Then I unwrapped this great sugar scrub she sent that was MELTED, tipped over, and leaking on most of the stuff inside the box. The candle she sent was also melting but stayed to itself.

My postal lady had left the box at the steps of my porch in the direct sunlight on an 80 degree day. Lovely. Not to mention the box also had "fragile" and "careful" written all over it. Let's not move it out of the way or nuthin'. Luckily nothing was ruined and here is all the cool stuff I got!!

A Vogue & Cosmo magazine, a picture frame, a peach scented candle, dog treats, candy, a sugar scrub, & a dog toy! Not pictured: a mix CD with local Georgia artists! How awesome is that?!

She knows I have a huge sweet tooth!  These twizzlers may or may not be open before I took the picture..
This candle smells sooo yummy! And definitely GEORGIA!
A camo hedgehog - totally southern, right?
I think he likes it!

Thanks Katie! I love my stuff!!

Make sure you check out Emily's and Katie's blogs and definitely participate in Cara Box!!

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