May 31, 2013

Fan Friday {link up}

Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars has this cool new link-up called Fan Friday.  And since she is cool, I figured I would be cool and post something cool for it. 

Venus Trapped in Mars

So what should I talk about?


I've always been a "guy's girl" and enjoyed sports. I love going to sporting events and actually know what's going on!  But when I met Bobby, my sports knowledge increased immensely because this dude is obsessed.  And going to games is just one of the things we do (our first date was supposed to be a baseball game, but it was raining). 

So here are my favorite sports teams, whether Bobby agrees with them or not.

College football: Alabama Crimson Tide
I was born & raised an Alabama fan.  I woke up many Saturday mornings to my dad yelling at the TV during Bama games. I mean my dogs' names are Bama & Crimson... Alabama is kinda the best team in 'merica. But even if they sucked, I would still be rockin' my crimson & houndstooth.  But they don't, so no worries.  And there is nothing like watching a game in Bryant Denney stadium in good ole Tuscaloosa!  Even though I'm one of those annoying die-hard Bama fans, I love all of the SEC - the rivalries, the talent, and how anything can happen.

Unfortunately, Bobby is not an Alabama fan. But when I met him, he mainly cheered for Florida State.  But he's from east Tennessee (close to Knoxville) and now lives amongst alot of us annoying die-hard Bama fans, so he cheers for Tennessee more often than FSU these days.  Sigh. I have faith that one day he will smarten up.

Pro football - Green Bay Packers
I will admit, I don't even watch pro football. But when I started dating Bobby, I pretty much had to if I wanted to see my boyfriend on Sundays during football season.  And I wasn't allowed to cheer for anyone besides the Green Bay Packers.  I became a fan right after they won the Super Bowl, so yeah, my ankles were hurting from jumping on that bandwagon. I'm still learning the differences in pro & college and who are the players to love & hate. But I'm pretty sure I will always dread fantasy football.

Pin-up picture taken in Bobby's Green Bay jersey

NHL hockey - Nashville Predators
I'm a Preds fan by default, it's the closest NHL team. My friend & I were walking in downtown Nashville one night when a guy selling Preds tickets wanted my friend's number & gave us tickets - FREE. Neither one of us had ever been and neither of us had any idea what was going on!  We just talked and drank through the whole game.  The people sitting near us were giving us mean people stares, oh well.

Then I met Bobby.  He stands outside Bridgestone Arena and stalks the Predators.  Not really, but pretty close.  So we go to Preds games together and he won't let me talk and drink the entire time, so I had to learn what was going on.  So now I know what icing, slashing, and hooking is.  And I like it.

And since I work in Nashville, I get to meet cute hockey players and get their autographs.

Hockey minor league - Huntsville Havoc
So you already know how I learned about hockey, but the NHL was in a lockout for most of this past season. So how else would we get our hockey fix? By supporting minor league teams of course!  There are pros of watching both minor and pro.  Minor tends to have more fights and more drive - like they want it more (I would say the same about college football), whereas pro tends to be more organized and put together with their plays. This post tells how I was cheering for Havoc player Anthony Battaglia in The Amazing Race. And the Havoc's mascots are named Chaos & Ruckus, how cute is that?!

Again, unfortunately, Bobby cheers for some other team. The Knoxville Ice Bears.  I mean, Ice Bears? C'mon. Sounds like something you would put in your child's bed at night.  Just come to the better team already.

 fight between players at a Havoc vs. Ice Bears game

Baseball - Atlanta Braves
I played softball all through junior high, so naturally I loved baseball too.  And baseball uniforms. And baseball players' butts in the uniforms.  In particular, I was obsessed with Chipper Jones.  And I could've cried when I found out he was retiring... but I have been watching him since junior high!  At least Bobby will cheer for the Braves!

Turner Field

As far as basketball or golf or soccer, I gots no idea what's going on, so I'm not interested. 

What are your favorite sports teams?  Is your home a house divided? 

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