May 4, 2013

Hey Again Murphy

The best thing about yesterday? That it was Friday.

My day started off pretty rough since my stomach has been aching all week. I'm pretty sure my stomach ulcer is raging again & I've been putting off scheduling another EGD (not my idea of a good time), but my doctor finally called (at 9am nonetheless, yeah right, this vamp was asleep!) and said I need to schedule one. I called when I woke up *cough* at 4:30pm. They were already closed. Oh well.

Headed into work. Work was work. Nothing unusual there.

I had gotten some co-workers to save me some boxes since I needed to start packing for my big move. All of them were still intact, so taking them to the car was going to take some skill (have I ever mentioned that I'm a total klutz?) Well, I stacked all 7 boxes on top of each other, grabbed my sweet tea (hey, it's a long commute home! A girl can get thirsty) and headed toward my car.

I get to the door and I can't push it open for some reason, like it's locked or something. I try the door next to it and same thing. So I put the boxes down and try again. Door opens right up. Sheesh.

So here I go trying to maneuver my sweet tea and 7 boxes again all while holding this door open.
I'm starting to spill my sweet tea so I just sit the tea down and concentrate on the boxes.  (I mean, I am on camera right here, I don't want to look like an idiot or anything...) I finally get out the door towards my car with the  boxes - did I mention it's pouring down raining? Well I love the person that invented the intelli-key system, because luckily I didn't have to find my keys. I get the boxes in my car. Go back to get my sweet tea. And drive home.

I get home to the welcoming committee and Bama, my jack russell, isn't with the committee (as usual). She is usually outside maintaining the perimeter until she knows I'm home safe & sound and then she comes in. Only problem with that? It's pouring rain! Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish she could act like the diva and not want to get her feet wet...

She comes in for dinner time and she is SOAKED and covered in mud. She looked absolutely fantastic. And smelled even better. Then she shimmy-shook herself all across my kitchen floors and made them look fantastic too. I just threw my hands in the air and walked away.

So then me & B are hanging out watching Big Bang Theory (awesome) waiting for the load of sheets to dry so we can go to bed with clean sheets (clean sheets are like the best thing ever) when we hear something. He asked if it was my dryer. My dryer has been known to make an awful squealing sound here lately that sometimes is so loud you can't here yourself think. I was like yup, just the dryer.

Then I stopped.  No... that's not the dryer... Omg it's the smoke detector!

We jumped up to go see what is on fire - I'm assuming my squeaky dryer has finally blown up - but instead we walk in to the overwhelming smell of burnt SOMETHING. I immediately turn off the dryer. Then jump on a chair to turn off the howling smoke detector. (Have you ever seen how dogs act when a smoke detector goes off? They don't like it one bit!)

We pull out the sheets in the dryer and they smell like they have been sitting in smoke, but are still soaking wet. Great. The top of the dryer is too hot to touch. Fabulous. We have no idea what's wrong with it and since it was so hot, we just unplugged it and told ourselves we would deal with it in the morning. (Anyone wanna give me a dryer?)

I throw the sheets back in the washer to get the gosh awful smoke smell out and told B I could hang them up in the bathroom to dry overnight and we can have clean sheets tomorrow. But for tonight, I told him we could sleep on a pair of zebra print satin sheets I bought myself one Valentine's (you know the ones!) because I thought they would be cool to sleep on (Not so much).

I had washed the comforter the night before so at least SOMETHING was clean (I have 2 comforters and 3 sets of sheets we use, but everything was dirty! Hence why I need a cleaning fairy) We made the bed and I realize the comforter wasn't all the way dry (I usually have to flip it and dry it again, but did I do that last night? Nooo...)

So as I lay in bed, on zebra print satin sheets, with part of my comforter soaking wet, smelling wet dog, I hope that all of you have a great weekend!!!

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