May 2, 2013

One Month: What I've Learned

Can you believe I've been blogging for a full month now? The blogging world is huge. And supportful. And wonderful.

So what have I learned?

So much and so little at the same time!

1. There are all kinds of blogs. Blogs about fashion, DIY crafts, beauty tips, being a mom... and the "lifestyle" blogs. I would be considered a lifestyle blogger where I  write about my life (we all know I know nothing about fashion and am just a doggie mom, but there will be crafts from time to time!)

I thought Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants to Work wrote a great post about lifestyle bloggers here. Read it & come back. I will wait.

2. Bloggers are real people. They are people from all walks of life, from all over the US, that all have stories to tell. I love getting to "meet" new people through reading other people's stories.  If you're only reading my blog (why thanks!), you should definitely check out my sponsors - they are all blogs I love reading!

3. I'm learning crazy HTML. In order to keep readers interested in your blog, it has to be pretty. I've tweaked and re-tweaked in hopes that my readers would like my blog. If you haven't viewed it in all its HTML glory, please do!

Smart phone users, click "web version" at the very bottom of the screen and BOOM! HTML glory!

4. Bloglovin is awesome. You can create a bloglovin account (even link it to your Facebook) and you don't even have to be a blogger. Then start adding all these cool blogs you want to keep up with (including mine, duh. here's the link! Follow me!) and you can scroll through all your favorites in one place! There is even an app! (Of course there is an app! There is an app for everything!)

5. You can make money or win stuff. Yeah, it shocked me too! I thought I was just going to get on here and typey-type like a public diary. But you can get paid for this shiz-nit! Heck, I would love for someone to throw some free stuff my way and lemme tell all you nice folks what I think about it! (hint, hint people with cool stuff) And most of these bloggers have giveaways to their faithful readers where you can win cool stuff!

Check out this awesome thing Casey from Aslan's Auspicious Albany Adventure is doing through the month of May where she is giving away some of her favorite things to her readers!

Truthfully, I would write this stuff if there was a zillion or zero people reading my blog. But of course it's way more fun to know SOMEONE is out there reading it! So be honest and lemme know how I'm doing. Or let me know what you would like to read more about.

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