May 1, 2013

Pinteresting: Homemade Sugar Scrub

I love Pinterest.  When I choose my pins, they are easy and affordable. But because I'm Bad Luck Jenn, I usually eff something up and have to wing it. But hey, it usually works out.

Original pin: Peppermint Sugar Scrub

For mother's day (and for my cara box), I wanted to make a homemade sugar scrub I had seen on Pinterest. I chose peppermint, but you can chose any scent. I thought lemon would be a really good choice as well.

What you need:
Granulated sugar
Almond or coconut oil
Essential oil

I used mason jars because I already had some. I went to Wal-mart and couldn't find almond oil, so I had to get the coconut oil.

Coconut oil bought at Wal-mart

I was surprised at how expensive this stuff was! A jar is like $6-7, but apparently has many uses. I was also surprised that it isn't like oil at all. It is chunky and hard and very hard to mix with sugar (my arm was killing me after making 3 jars)

One batch requires 2 cups sugar and 1/3-1/4 cup coconut oil.

It was hard for me to measure the coconut oil, so I mixed it in very slowly by spoonfuls. Like I said, it is hard to mix. It is more of mashing. You add oil until the sugar is soft.

"Lump" of coconut oil in bowl of sugar
Then add a few drops of your essential oil (and enjoy the smell!!) and mix. I got my essential oil at Earth Fare for $12. I'm new to essential oils, but they have a million uses, and peppermint is definitely one I can find more uses for.

Peppermint essential oil bought at EarthFare
I separated my mixture into 2 bowls and dyed half with red food coloring.

After mixing sugar + oils, I halved mixture and dyed half red
I added the mixture to the mason jar by the spoonful and alternated colors. To make the look uniform, I mashed it lightly into the mason jar with an ice cream scoop.

Added mixture layer by layer to mason jar and smoothed with ice cream scoop

To add some personality, I tied some ribbon around the jar with a folded index card stating what the scrub was & instructions on how to use it.

Finished product!
Didn't it turn out cute?! What scents would you make?

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