May 23, 2013

That One Time

So I saw Meighan's link-up and I thought of a million sad funny bad luck stories, but I think I will stick with that one time...

I got my tragus pierced. And I loved it. And it was awesome. Then it got infected and I thought I was going to lose my ear.

I'm a closet ink freak (I have four small tattoos and would have tons more if I knew my future job would allow it) and there are only some piercings that I like. I've had the bottom two holes of my ears pierced for as long as I can remember and got my top cartilage pierced in high school. My fat rolls could never pull off a belly ring and I like food too much to have metal in my tongue, so I definitely fell in love with the tragus piercing right away.

On the one year anniversary of being divorced, I walked into a shop in downtown Nashville with Bobby to get it done. I should've walked out as soon as I realized I knew more about the different possibilities of hardware for the piercing than they did.

But did I?

Hell no. I was too damn excited!


So I got my piercing (besides the loud CRUNCH, it didn't bother me at all) and got my aftercare instructions and headed on my merry way.

Warning: pictures of big needles 

Didn't know where a tragus piercing was?  Here ya go! The little ball on the left, inside of my ear

It was awesome. And I loved it. Until it started to look like this...

The whole side of my face was red & burning and my hardware could barely move due to the swelling

The red heart is one of my small tatts :)

Then I naturally got a little worried and immediately saw my doctor. He couldn't believe I just didn't take it out (didn't he get the memo that I loved it?!!) and said that he was going to prescribe some antibiotics and if it didn't get better soon, I may have to have surgery! (Eeeeek!) Or I could have permanent damage to my eardrum! (Double eeeek!)

Luckily the antibiotics took care of the problem. Between all of my medical issues and the fact that tragus piercings are prone to get infected due to their location (in contact with your  pillow, phones, your hair, etc), it seemed inevitable that it would get infected.

Like I told the doctor that day... I got the piercing to celebrate my divorce & just like my ex-husband, it was being a pain in my ass!

But I love my tragus piercing. And it's awesome. And it was totally worth it.

Moral of the story? Don't walk into random shops, even just for a piercing. Do your research! And don't marry assholes so you get celebratory divorce piercings. But if you get a divorce, I would totally recommend a celebratory divorce piercing!

Anyone have a cool piercing (keep it PG people!)? Or do anything to celebrate a divorce?

Link up folks.

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