June 25, 2013

How to Follow Me

Now that I have this fancy smancy blog, you need to know how to follow me.  I mean, you don't want to miss out on all the words of wisdom I provide.  There are three ways that I like following blogs and I suggest you try them.  To follow me of course.  And if you want to check out other blogs too, that's cool.  But me first, because it's all about me.

1. Subscribe By Email

This is my favorite way to read blogs.  I never miss a post of my favorite blogs because each post is delivered straight to my email inbox.  You can choose as many or as little blogs you want to subscribe to each day.

So you want to subscribe to my blog by email?  GREAT!  Here's how:

From any page of my blog, click "subscribe" on my sidebar. It will take you to a page that looks like this:

Click "Get Bad Luck Jenn delivered by email".  BOOM!

Don't do email?  Rather have a cute little app?  I got your back!

2. BlogLovin'

You can hang out on BlogLovin' on the website or through its neat app. You can follow as many or as little blogs that you want. I can spend spend hours on there!  You can even leave comments without ever leaving the BlogLovin' app.

What's great about it?  You don't have to be a blogger to use this app.  You can even link it to your Facebook.

Now that I have you totally intrigued about BlogLovin', how are you going to follow me?  Here's how:

Click here or that little cute B on the top of my blog page, or because I like options:

Click that button that says "BlogLovin".  Creative, right?  Once you do...

Click "follow".  Easy, right?!

And if you I haven't given you a good enough way to follow me then you're just too damn picky, lemme give you one more.

3. Twitter

Now this should be your last option.  Why?  Because you're very likely to miss one of of my posts this way unless you are constantly glued to your social media.  And missing one of my posts is just unacceptable.

But twitter is a great way to get reminders to read my posts from none other than myself.  I also try to post random thought throughout the week.  But I make no guarantees that I have any idea what's going on with Twitter, because I seriously don't understand it.

That being said, here's how to follow me on twitter:

Click here or the little birdie on my blog page then:

 Click "follow", duh.

So there you have it guys.  Three awesome ways to follow me or any other blog.  I love my readers!  I reply to every.single.comment (as long as you're not a no-reply commenter - Thanks Sarah for breaking that down for everyone!)

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