June 23, 2013

Love & Liebster

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by Casey from Aslan's Auspicious Albany Adventure. And Tami at Friday Morning Buzz. And Cindy at The Wooden Roller Coaster. And Adriana at Dog Hair is an Accessory.  Annnnnnd Ashley at Track Suit Friday.

I am loved. Or either I'm just the only person with under 200 followers these days that hasn't done their Liebster post yet. Either way, I'm more than flattered!

I think most bloggers know what this Liebster thing is all about, but for those of you who are new here or just stalk read, here's what I know about it. Only bloggers with less than 200 followers (check!) can be nominated. This basically encourages and helps discover small and new (check!) bloggers

Once you are nominated, here are the rules:
  • Link back to person who nominated you
  • List 11 10 facts about yourself
  • Nominate up to 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers (and notify them)
  • Ask your nominees 11 10 questions

Some facts about me... 
1. I hate odd numbers. I can't even let my volume stay on an odd number. Especially prime numbers. So yeah, this post is totally freaking me out. Soooo... I think we will change it to 10.

2. I'm terrified of cockroaches... aka roachbugs. Eeeeek!

3. I squeeze the toothpaste from the middle-to-top of the tube. And it infuriates Bobby who thinks toothpaste should be squeezed from the bottom. 

4. I don't like coffee or wine. I'm sure most of you have stopped reading now! I will make it up to you some other way, I promise!! 

5. I actually can't drink - one of the medications I take doesn't mix well with alcohol and I'd rather stay alive, ya kno? So everyone drink some wine for me! 

6. I'm allergic to cats. I don't welp up or anything, but get horrid headaches and sneeze. I guess I will just stick with being the crazy dog lady. 

7. I fell in love with painting last year on my birthday at one of those sips & strokes type places (while I drank sweet tea). I've GOT to find the time to paint my next work of art!

8.  I've always lived in Alabama. But I'm moving to Indiana in August!! Eeeek! (If you don't know why, catch up here slacker) 

9. I'm actually a big nerd. I graduated salutatorian of my high school & magna cum laude in college. I would've just died if I ever made a "C" in any of my classes! 

10. I have four tattoos and want a ton more.  Ink is very addicting! 

Casey's Questions...
1. If you had all of the money in the world for any hobby, what would it be? Painting, photography, scrapbooking... why choose just one?!

2. What is your fondest memory from your childhood? Probably playing Barbie's with my sister all.the.time or playing outside with the neighborhood kids until the lightening bugs came out

3. What did you want to be when you "grew up" I'm going to grad school to be a pathologist assistant 

4. What is your home town's best kept secret? The Shoals area has all sorts of cool stuff, it's the birthplace of Helen Keller and has a great musical background

5. If you could only blog about one topic for a year, what would it be? I'm a lifestyle blogger so blogging about my life is pretty damn funny :) 

6. How has the blogging world enriched your life? I love it!  I learn so much from reading other people's blogs as well as meeting awesome people!

7. Favorite throwback song? REGULATORS... mount up! (Nate Dogg & Warren G)

8. Favorite ice cream flavor? I'm good with regular ole chocolate, but I will eat just about any type of ice cream any day of the week

9. What is your ideal summer vacation spot? I'm not a huge fan of sweating and getting sand stuck to me, but I do love the view of a beautiful beach. So lemme just take my vacations in the fall?
10. How long have you been blogging? A big whopping 3 months!

11. What is something from your past that you wish you could bring back? The past is in the past!  You learn from it and move on!


Tami's questions...
1. If you had an extra hour in the day how would you spend it? Most likely sleeping... boring I know!

2. If you could only eat one thing every day for the rest of your life what would it be?  Some type of sweet, I'm sure. Candy, cake, ice cream.

3. Do your best friends/significant other/parents have any weird nicknames for you?  Not that I know of, ha.

4. Link to one of your favorite blog posts you've ever written.  The Tree Stalker

5. Which one celebrity grinds your gears the most? I said ONE, people.  I don't get involved with all these celebrities and their lives.  They are just people who have cameras shoved in their faces everyday and lots of money.

6. What would I find in your purse at any given moment?  Lip gloss!  Or I'm dying.

7. If you could have dinner with any one person, alive or dead, who would you choose?  I would love to have dinner with my grandpa again.  He was hilarious and I definitely didn't spend enough time with him before he passed away.

8. What's your blogging pet peeve? I.e. too many gifs, posts about cats, etc. Unintentional bad grammar drives me insane.  And big bloggers that don't return emails or acknowledge your comments.  Reduce the size of your ego folks.

9. Tell us about an embarrassing moment. There was one time in high school when my sister & I had to go to class smelling like skunk!  It was mortifying!!
10. What's your favorite book?  "Marley and Me" by John Grogan.  The book, NOT the movie.

11. On a guy -- boxers or briefs?  Boxer-briefs for sure!

Adriana's questions....
1. If I asked you to dog sit Lil, how much would I have to pay you?  $5/day.  At least that's how much I pay my dog sitter.  Or maybe we can talk free ad space or something?

2. What was your most memorable gift you received as a child?  I still have the clock radio I received when I was in 6th grade.  Damn good clock radio I say! 

3. Do you like my new blog design?!?!?!  Umm duh! 

4. You're invited you to my birthday, what would you bring?  Myself!  That's a gift right thur! 

5. Ocean, Lake, Pond, or Pool?  Lake or pool, clean water over saltwater any day. 

6. If you had a maned wolf as a pet, what would you name him? Foxy Lady 

7. What's your favorite song currently on the radio?  "From Can to Can't" by Corey Taylor

8. Where did you meet your best friend?  Which one?!  My newlywed bestie I met in school, we've been friends since 7th grade!

9. What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?   A huuuuuuge bowl of cereal.  Like mixing bowl size. 

10. What's your favorite Bruce Springsteen song?   Born in the USA, duh.

11. Will you send me a bag of tiny Snickers if I send you my address?  Only if it's not in the summer. Unless you like drinking your snickers.  Alabama summers are brutal. 

Ashley's questions....
1. You have an unlimited budget to shop, but you can only spend at 3 stores.  Where are you headed? Target, H&M, Charming Charlie

2. After you're done shopping, someone hands you 3 plane tickets.  Where are you and your fabulous new outfits going?  Vegas, NYC, and Italy!
3. Turns out the tickets are for 2.  But your husband/boyfriend/significant other can't go.  Who do you take?  My sister, who has the travel bug like no one else I know
4. You can pick 3 languages to speak.  What are they and why did you pick them?  Italian - because I'm going to Italy before I die, duh.  Chinese - because it's hard and if someone could just put it in my brain like bam! I would be all for it. Spanish - I know the basics, but I need to be able to speak it. 
5. When you get home, you find out you've lost your job.  But that's ok.  You can pick out a new one.  What will you do?  If school and money wasn't an issue, I would totally be a veterinarian

6. You've got to relocate for work. Where do you want to move?  Colorado, I'd move there in a heartbeat.
7. And your job is buying you a work car.  What kind of car would that be?  NOT a low-profile car.  Maybe a Nissan Juke.  Not picky.  But I want all the bells & whistles!
8. You've done such a great job at work, you are nominated to be "Queen for a Day".  What pet peeve of yours will now be illegal, punishable by punches to the face?  Lying, hate it. 
9. You've clearly got a knack for ruling the roost.  Who is your VP?  Bobby, so I can tell him what to do everyday... legally. 
10. President Obama has Camp David.  But you want to give things an update.  Where's your new American retreat? Savannah, GA.  

11. Now that you're out of office, what cause are you dedicating your life to?  Dog rescue and spay&neuter. 


AND omigod-will-this-post-ever-end... After extensive research and careful consideration, here are my nominations!
  1. Jules at My Mom's a Whack Job 
  2. Jill at My Girlfriend Jill
  3. Chelsea at CrazyBullies
  4. Katie at Confessions of a Southern Fashionista
  5. BrookeLyn at Babbling Brookelyn
  6. Meg at Yammering Yankee
  7. JJ at Dexter Morgan's Mama
  8. Kay at Best of Intentions
  9. Becky at United States of Becky
  10. Felicia at Felicia's Red Door Life

    And here are your questions girls!
    1. Are you a dog or cat person?
    2. What's your favorite blog post of mine? #selfadvertisement
    3. What's your favorite blog post of yours?
    4. What's the weirdest thing in your purse?
    5. What's your worst habit?
    6. What is one of your guilty pleasures?
    7. Besides paying bills, what do you spend most of your paycheck on?
    8. Who are your three favorite band/singers?
    9. What age were you when you went to your first concert & who did you see?
    10. What is your favorite quote?

    Thanks for sticking around until the end!  Check out these awesome bloggers and look for their Liebster posts!

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