June 26, 2013

#SidebarLove {June}

I love all the bloggers that choose to hang out on my sidebar, and to show some appreciation, I want to spread some SIDEBAR LOVE!  I will attempt to do this each month, but like I posted before, I'm a bad blogger, so we shall see! Now check out some of the awesome ladies that hang out on my page!!

Meet Rachel!

Her Blog: Can't Google Everything
Favorite Blog Post: Then & Now
Favorite Summer Spot:  My favorite vacation spot was Costa Rica!  It is so pretty and relaxing there.  We went to the volcano hot springs and it was so amazing!  We also relaxed on the beach, explored, went zip lining and deep sea fishing!  It was an awesome trip and I'd definitely go back any time! 

 Meet Casey!

Her Blog: Aslan's Auspicious Albany Adventure
Favorite Blog Post: Why I Do What I Do
Favorite Summer Spot: Anywhere that involves a beach. My favorite spot so far would have to be the Bahamas. The water is brilliantly blue and the Sandals resort was absolutely stunning. We were spoiled rotten by the staff and they made sure we were pampered. Sand+Sun+Cocktails=My kind of Vacation!

Meet Ashley! 

Her Blog: Tracksuit Friday
Her favorite blog post: Things I've Learned Since Turning 20
Favorite Summer Spot: My favorite summer vacation spot is Cabo.  The weather is perfect nearly year-round, the hotels are beautiful, and there is absolutely no reason to leave the pool.  Life is perfect when you can swim to the bar, eat lunch and make friends with the bartender because you're the only white girl there that can speak Spanish.

Meet Cindy!

Her Blog: The Wooden Roller Coaster
Favorite Blog Post: Imaginary Adventures
Favorite Summer Spot:  I don't have anyone place I go to regularly, but the best vacation I have ever taken was a trip to Eleuthera, Bahamas. It was very rugged. There wasn't any resort  to stay at and no pools to swim in, instead it was just a simple rental home with the whole Caribbean to use as our pool. It was untouched by big businesses and had beautiful calm azure waters. It was the most relaxing vacation I've gone on. I wish I could afford to go back!

Meet Jules!

Her Blog: My Mom's a Whack Job
Favorite Blog Post Instead Of
Favorite Summer Spot: London.... Gingers are everywhere so I feel I fit right in, they talk crazy cool and the beer is insane!  On top of that, all things are old, no one cares what anyone things and I am going to nab Prince Harry on day!

Meet Chelsea!

Her Blog: CrazyBullies
Favorite Blog Spot: Myrtle Beach Recap - My Birthday Weekend
Favorite Summer Spot:  Right now we will say Myrtle Beach because It's a getaway that's only 3 hours away. It's far enough away from real life to be able to just relax, but close enough so you are not completely out of your comfort zone!

So you wanna hang out on my sidebar too?  Yeah, I don't blame you. All the cool people are doing it.  Just visit my Advertise page! I offer swaps!

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