June 23, 2013

The Bob Behind my Blog {June}

If you haven't heard me talk about Bobby before now, well you just haven't been reading my blog!  He is an everyday part of my life.   So when I saw this link-up, I thought, "gee-golly, this is awesome!"

Bobby?  Not so much.  I mean his face in the picture above pretty much explains his feelings towards answering these questions for my blog once a month. But he knows how much I love blogging and how much it means to me, so he played nice and participated.... this time. 
1. Does your wife/girlfriend/fiance use your real name or a nickname on her blog?
You do use my name.  Not my full name though, I don't think.

As well as B, Bob, Bobbino...

2. If you had a blog, what would the title be?
I wouldn't have a blog.

He barely uses social media.  I always try to get him to show me "facebook love" (ex: My girlfriend @so-and-so is amazing! She just cooked me dinner! I love you baby!), but he refuses.  But he did give me twitter love this year for Valentine's day!  <3

3. Do you ever feel ignored by her because of the blog?

REAL convincing there babe.

4. How has her blog changed or evolved throughout your relationship?
Too early to tell. Besides the layout you spent money on.

Backstory: Bobby thinks blogging should be a FREE hobby.  The website is free, the layout is free.  So he thought it was ridiculous for me to spend any money on a .com or a layout.  But it's my money! So nah! 

5. What is your favorite post on her blog?
I guess the sports one. 

He refuses to subscribe to my blog (by email of course), but he DOES read my blog (or I read it to him, ha) So he is referring to this post that I linked up with Sarah's Fan Friday.
So there you have it guys!  I'm sure you feel like you know him so much better now because he just goes on and on!  Maybe if everyone leaves a comment letting him know how much you wanna see him back next month, he will play nice again.  Let's try it!

Linking up with these ladies:


*drumroll please*

Congrats Breanna!

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