July 16, 2013

A cool ass restaurant

This past weekend, we spent time in Indy looking for housing and exploring the area.  One of our favorite parts of the city was the Broad Ripple area.  We found this awesome restaurant here called Three Wiseman Brewing Company.

Indy apparently has alot of breweries, which Bobby was totally okay with.  Three Wiseman is one of them. They have pizza and sandwiches and salads. The atmosphere was great.  The food was yummy.  And the details were amazing.  And you know what they say... it's all about the details!

Here are some of the small details that made this place unique and fun.

not bread. not chips. but free popcorn!

big dish towels for napkins.

you can buy growlers of their beer.  And they deliver!

mason jars, duh.
who needs a mint after dinner when you can get red hots?

We even noticed that instead of giving kids crayons and something to write on, they bring them a little pan with some dough on it. How cute!

So if you're in Indy, make sure to check out Three Wiseman if you're near Broad Ripple.  And if you're downtown, you can check out their other company Scotty's Brewhouse (we also ate there, ha) which also has ah-mazing sweet potato fries!

*I was not paid for this post.  I just really wanted to share with you guys an awesome restaurant.  But I would really like to get paid for posts since I'm about to become a broke ass grad student.  So spread the word. 

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