July 3, 2013

Meet Beretta!

Beretta is a female miniature pinscher/chihuahua mix looking for her forever home!  She was rescued from a local animal shelter when a wonderful woman contacted Southern Star MinPin Rescue.  As the Alabama representative for the group at the time, I decided to become her foster parent.

first day with me - how freaking cute?!
And yes, fostering a dog is kinda like fostering a child.  You take care of them until they find a permanent home. Unfortunately, Beretta hasn't been able to find her forever home yet, and I'm moving to Indiana in August & can only take my dogs with me - so let's help this little girl out!

She came into rescue as a puppy, but has grown up quickly. She is one year old. She is a fat thick 12 pounds or so and is very slightly overweight.  What can I say, girl likes to eat... everything!  She especially loves ice cubes! She is super energetic and is just what her name suggests - a little pistol!

She has a lot of great qualities that anyone would want in a dog, like...

She gets along well with other dogs

this is how these kids play. everyday. all day.

lean on me, when you're not strong..

She loves to play dress up

She rides well in the car

She does tricks

she learned to sit for food real fast. glutton.

she can seriously catch anything! food driven for real.

and she is a great cuddler!

While Beretta is pretty perfect, I wouldn't be straightforward with you if I didn't tell you about her faults.  I mean, no one is perfect right?  Well Beretta is used to having a fenced yard with a dog door, so she kinda freaks out when you put her on a leash.  But with a little training and a harness, she will be heading to the dog park with you in no time!

Beretta may like to wear cute clothes, but she doesn't like to primp like a girly girl.  She does not enjoy bath time and would rather dig in the dirt with the boys instead of getting a mani/pedi.  And since fat girl likes to eat, she always thinks you have something in your hands.  This may be a problem if you have young ones in the house because she could be a little "nippy".  But she would love some older kids chasing after her and paying her attention from sun up to sun down!
Beretta is currently located in Alabama, but she is willing to travel (car ride, duh) for her perfect home. If you are interested in finding out more information about Beretta (or being her new foster!!), please contact me!

But if you think she would be a perfect addition to your home, please visit SSMPR to fill out an Adoption Application.  While you're there, you can view the Adoption Contract that is required when adopting any minpin from SSMPR.

For more information on Beretta, visit her Petfinder page!

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