July 6, 2013

My name is Jenny & I'm addicted to TV

DVR is literally the best invention ever. I've been working nightshift for 5 years, yup that's right, 5 years! I'm a real vampire that works when then sun goes down and sleeps when all of you are drooling over your coffee.

Without my DVR, I wouldn't be able to feed my unhealthy addiction:  TV. My DVR is even so smart that once I set my programs up, it catches them for me whenever new episodes come on!

Even though my favorite shows just had their season finales, I  will share with you what I'm watching this summer! Look for an update in the fall & spring!

The Bachelorette
This is a given. Poor Des may have the suckiest selection of guys EVER, but you can't NOT watch it!  I mean, they are all just trying to be the next Bachelor! Plus, they go to really cool international destinations and I love sightseeing!!  If you don't already know, The Bachelorette is Desiree who is searching for love among 25 guys and sends them home one by one each date.

Details: season 5,285 nine, started May 27
When to watch: Mondays 8/7 CST on ABC

Bobby got me watching this show and I'm addicted now.  I had to catch up on 6 seasons during the off-season.  And I did.  I'm pretty sure Bobby & I watched half a season in one sitting one day.  It's dark & twisted and definitely always leaves you hanging.  So sad that this is the final season!!  Dexter is a serially killer that chooses his victims based on a code and this season he is still trying to not get caught.

Details: season 7 started Sunday, May 30
When to watch:  Sunday night on Showtime

The only way I can describe this show is: pure entertainment.  The fact that people believe the crap these people tell them on the internet is just sad.  Then the twists that the show provides when the "catfish" is finally revealed are usually unexpected and pretty outrageous.  The main "characters" of the show find people who are in online relationships and do research to see if the other person is who he/she says he/she is and they eventually meet - but it never goes as expected.

Details: season 2 started last week, but the episodes replay all the time
When to watch:  Tuesday nights on MTV

So You Think You Can Dance
OMG I love this show.  It is so much fun to watch all the different dance styles, from hip hop to ballroom to contemporary.  I have no rhythm whatsoever, so I love watching these amazing dancers.  They have incredible talent and the choreography is so much fun. SYTYCD is a dance competition trying to find America's favorite dancer.  The best dancers in the country have been selected and they get assigned different genres each week and then America votes if they like them. Just watch it.

Details: season 10 started 2 weeks ago, but only 2 people have been eliminated from the top 20 so far
When to watch: Tuesday 8/7 CST on ABC

The Challenge: Rivals 2
These shows are only fun if you've been watching any of the previous challenges and know who these people are and what their beef is with each other (and ya know, who has slept with who, who has been engaged, who has backstabbed each other, yadda yadda). The Rivals places 2 players that are rivals on the same team and makes them work together to get to the end to get the money. It's just straight drama and so damn entertaining.

Details: season 2 starts July 10
When to watch:  Wednesday 9/10 CST on MTV (and replays all the time)

Bar Rescue

Bobby and I found this show one day and were instantly hooked.  We have learned so much, good and bad, about the bar industry.  John Taffer is a renowned bar owner that is helping failing bars and clubs across the country by pointing out what they are doing wrong, from staffing, food, drinks, or management.  And he has a temper the size of Texas!  Half the time these bars are effing disgusting.  And then when he is done with them, they are absolutely amazing.

Details: season premieres this weekend!
When to watch:  Sundays on Spike


This is a new show we just found and who knows if it will turn out any good or not.  But it is different because it engages the viewers.  It is a reality gameshow that is a murder mystery.  Each week someone is "killed" in the mansion and there are clues laid out for everyone to try to figure out what happened.  The person who is the least correct is the most likely to be "killed" the following week.  And someone in the house is also the killer.  So you're at home trying to figure out what happened each week and trying to figure out who the killer is as well.  Kinda neat.

Details: season started June 23
When to watch:  Sundays on ABC

That's it folks!  Feel free to ask me any questions about the above mentioned shows or let me know if you have any awesome shows you feel that I should be watching this summer season!

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